The Recipe for a Perfect Christmas Dinner

Perhaps many people’s favourite meal of the year: Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner is not just some glorified roast, oh no, but it does take the best part of a roast and amplify it to its highest potential. An array of accompanying sauces and extra sides on your plate truly elevate this hearty dinner to the top spot.

Of course, every family has their own twist on their traditional Christmas dinner, that’s part of the joy of it! Here are just some of our thoughts on what makes a great Christmas dinner stand-out.

The Bird

Keeping to tradition, we think you can’t beat a big ol’ turkey as the main event for your Christmas dinner. We understand that turkey can be quite a dry meat, especially since large turkeys require cooking in the oven for a few hours. This is why we like to rub plenty of butter under and on top of the skin, which will melt in the oven and keep your turkey nice and moist whilst adding a rich flavour. You can even use infused butter to take it to the next level.

To take your turkey even further, put some sage and onion stuffing under the skin at the neck of your turkey, then add any leftover stuffing to the cavity at its other end, along with some halved oranges and rosemary sprigs, which will infuse it with a festive aromatic flavour while it cooks.

If you have a particularly large turkey to feed a big family, then be sure to buy bulk butter. This will ensure you have enough to keep the turkey moist, plus you then have enough to roast your potatoes in to make them extra crispy. You can even use any that’s remaining to make brandy butter as an accompaniment to your Christmas pudding – there’s no time like Christmas to get a little boozy, afterall.

The Sides

Perhaps a less traditional or maybe divided choice as a side dish at Christmas dinner, but we believe cauliflower cheese is a cheeky treat to incorporate. The cheese adds a touch of indulgence to the vegetable portion of your dinner, and dipping your potatoes into the cheesy sauce is simply divine – trust us. Besides, it’s Christmas – you’re allowed to eat a little naughty.

We recommend buying wholesale cheese, that way you will have enough to make enough cauliflower cheese for everyone, but also the cheesier the better!

For a more sophisticated enhancement to your vegetables, we are adamant that you try roasting your parsnips and carrots in a honey and mustard glaze. The honey adds a sweetness that brings out that of the parsnips and carrots, while the mustard gives a slight tang that keeps this sweet flavour reserved yet pleasant.

Wholesale Food Suppliers

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