Most people assume that organic whole milk is better than non-organic, but is that really true? When you purchase wholesale milk, you’ll likely notice that the cost of organic milk is higher than that of non-organic. This suggests that you’re getting a better quality product – read on to discover whether that is really the case.

What’s the Difference?

There are quite a few differences between regular processed milk and organic milk.

Organic milk is generally considered to be a healthier option, since it comes from cows that are drug-free and live in open pastures. This has some benefits when it comes to the actual milk produced by these cows. Organic whole milk has more Omega-3 fatty acids and a longer shelf life than regular milk.

Since organic milk is usually pasteurized at a higher temperature, it lasts longer and it also tends to be a little sweeter. For anyone interested in keeping their milk longer without worrying about it going off, organic is definitely the better option. Improved nutrition is another big benefit of purchasing from organic wholesale milk suppliers.

Regular milk sometimes contains antibiotics and rBGH, or recombinant bovine growth hormone. While this is not as common now, thanks to testing for these products, it is still a concern for many.

The way the dairy cows are treated is another big part of where to buy milk. For some, milk cows are just for money and the farm crams as many as possible into a small space. If you want to promote fair treatment of dairy cows, then finding wholesale milk suppliers who provide milk from well-treated cows is key. This is easier said than done, however.

Finding Organic Wholesale Milk Distributors

A simple search online should turn up wholesale milk distributors that are local to you. A little research will give you a better idea of what is available to you. Are they offering organic milk? Do they also offer regular milk? Where does their milk come from? These are all important questions to ask before purchasing from a company.

Wholesale milk prices are another important part of choosing the right wholesale milk suppliers. You don’t always want the cheapest option, but price certainly is a consideration, alongside quality. Get a quote from the companies you’re considering so you can compare the prices and ensure they are within your budget.

Once you feel you have the right company selected, you can test their products to see if it’s the quality you want. This will have a direct impact on your customers, so you should be careful to test before you make a point of selling the product. If you’re satisfied with their milk, you can begin to order bulk amounts for your business.

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