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Cookies on Freshways site

When you visit the Freshways website, if your browser is using the standard settings and it is accepting cookies, you are giving
consent for cookies on the Freshways site to be stored on your computer. If you do not wish for this to happen, you can disable
them in the settings of your browser.

What are cookies?

The Freshways website uses cookies. Cookies are small, text-only strings of data which store information on the hard drive of
your local computer or mobile device. Some cookies store data just for the time you are on the site. These are called session
cookies and are not stored on your computer after you have left the site.

Most internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies but if you prefer not to receive cookies, you can adjust your browser to
refuse cookies, or to warn you when they are being used. Visit for more information on managing

Cookies set on the Freshways site

Google Analytics:

We use Google Analytics to collect information about site usage and performance. This helps us better understand our users
and their needs so that we can continue to improve the services we provide. We also use this information to report to funders
such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The analytics cookies collect information such as
the number of visits to the site, pages visited and international traffic. This information is anonymous and cannot be used to
identify you personally.

__utmaStores non-personal data about visits to the site for statistical reportingLong term - typically 2
__utmbStores non-personal data about visits to the site for statistical reportingShort - typically 1
__utmcStores non-personal data about visits to the site for statistical reportingDuring visit
__utmzStores non-personal data about visits to the site for statistical reportingTypically 6

Session Cookie:

A cookie is set by our content management system to manage some of the user data for the session only.
PHPSESSIDset by the Freshways CMSduring visit

Publications download

Freshways_doc_downloadCookie set when signing up to download Freshways PDFs. Allows user to download PDFs without entering their details for 6 months.6

Cookies set by third-party services

On some areas of the site we use third party multimedia services to support our work. Often these will be embedded material
hosted on other sites or services provided by external sites. These external sites may present you with cookies. Freshways
doesn’t control the dissemination of these cookies and you should check the relevant third party website for more information
about these.
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