Three Delicious Ways You Can Enjoy Yoghurt

Being one of the leading dairy products in the UK, it is likely that you will have enjoyed yoghurt from childhood through to adulthood. But it is so much more than delicious, creamy goodness; housing multiple proteins, vitamins, calcium and probiotics, yoghurt is packed full of benefits that do wonders for your skin, bones, gut and even reproductive health.

Of course, not everyone will enjoy the taste of yoghurt, especially the most nutritious Greek yoghurt, which we understand doesn’t have the sweetest taste on its own. That is why we’ve collated a list of three different ways you can incorporate yoghurt into your diet to reap the benefits it has to offer, without compromising on flavour enjoyment.

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Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have been on the rise as a staple healthy breakfast meal thanks to their recent popularity on TikTok. Overnight oats are essentially a non-cook way of making porridge, instead the oats are mixed with milk or water (along with other additions) and left to soak overnight until they absorb the liquid.

Mixing greek yoghurt with your overnight oats adds even more nutritional value and allows them to thicken nicely in the fridge, so you’re left with a wonderful, almost pudding-like texture in the morning. We recommend trying your overnight oats with chia seeds, cinnamon and honey mixed in, then adding sliced apples or pears on top.


Brits are notorious for happily eating ice cream all year round, whatever the weather. However, as tasty as it is, ice cream isn’t exactly the healthiest of treats – the alternative? Frozen yoghurt!

Frozen yoghurt is a great substitute for ice cream with plentiful benefits in comparison. Adding toppings such as honey or your favourite sauce adds a bit of sweetness without tipping it over the edge of the scale towards being unhealthy. You can even add fresh berries or sprinkles to jazz it up even more.

Sticking lolly sticks into yoghurt pots and freezing them is a great way for kids to enjoy frozen yoghurt, too!


Starting your day off with a smoothie gives you a morning energy boost packed with fibre and vitamins, and is extremely convenient for those who are often on the go. What’s more, they are endlessly customisable; whether you prefer the sweetness of berries or the sharpness of tropical fruit, you can tailor your smoothie to whatever taste you like.

Adding yoghurt to your smoothie is the perfect way to get probiotics and calcium into your system, whilst creating the perfect smoothie texture. Rather than being too thick or too watery, yoghurt gives smoothies their characteristically creamy texture that makes them (quite literally) so smooth to drink.

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