Festive Cocktail Ideas: Your Winter Menu

As Winter approaches, the time is almost upon us to indulge in the joys of Christmas. Whether enjoying the occasion with family and friends, or socialising with work colleagues at a seasonal get-together, there are usually treats and tipples aplenty. Freshways have you covered for those long nights in front of the fire with juices and accompaniments to cocktails which pack a punch. Read on for just some of our favourite alcoholic mixes to prep for Winter 2022 – with a little bit of help from brands including Tropicana, Naked, Sun Magic and Johnsons.

Wholesale Juice For Cocktails At Christmas

Cocktails at Christmas may seem like a strange idea, but why not? Best enjoyed socially, alcohol including wine and rum are well known to bring warmth to the body during chilly periods, and there are few better ways to get into the festive mood than with a merry drink or three. Swap out the eggnog and gin for these unique cocktail offerings, and become a makeshift bartender for the night. Anticipating a busy period? Order in bulk from our catalogue for exclusive deals, making the most of the online order portal.

Winter Mimosa

Best enjoyed on Christmas morning as an early treat, for this surprisingly easy recipe all you need is a (preferably large) bottle of champagne, 3/4 of a cup of orange juice or pomegranate juice, and possibly cranberries to garnish the side of the glass. Indulgently fruity with a recognisable kick, make your champagne flute turn an irresistible orange with a drink which absolutely embodies the holiday spirit. Choose Johnson’s orange juice for that satisfying citrus we all know and love.

Festive Punch

Though more of an idea than a straightforward festive recipe, filling a large bowl with your favourite punch recipe is a great way to make things social, bringing together friends and family alike to sample your fruity creation. Tonic water, pineapple juice and cranberry juice are all great picks for this seasonal classic, while you can hold off on the alcohol to make this a choice for both adults and kids. Vodka and tequila are both proven picks if you’re making this an adults-only beverage.

Mistletoe Martini

Pinkish red with rich berry flavours throughout, the mistletoe martini may taste sweet and moreish, but they pack a real kick. Garnished with limes or raspberries, cherry brandy, vodka and syrup are the staple ingredients, with a juice company of your choice recommended to filter the strength of the spirits. Perfect the presentation with classic martini glasses for serving.

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