Like many other food items, egg prices have been rising. If you use a lot of eggs in your business, such as a restaurant, bakery, or similar, you’ve likely had to adjust your prices due to the rising cost of egg suppliers.

The simplest method of getting a better egg price is to purchase wholesale eggs from a supplier that offers better prices for bulk eggs.

Why Buy Wholesale Eggs?

If you want to get a better egg price, you will want to buy wholesale eggs. This simply means purchasing larger amounts of eggs at a time, rather than buying a dozen at a time. Wholesale is the best way to go for companies or businesses that require large numbers of eggs, as the cost per egg is often much lower than the usual retail prices you’ll see in supermarkets. Such businesses include:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

If you need plenty of eggs, it’s almost always best to purchase bulk eggs so you can get the best price and be sure you have enough eggs for your needs.

Choosing a Wholesale Egg Supplier

There are wholesale egg suppliers everywhere, but finding the right one can be a challenge. There are several things to consider when choosing the right supplier.

Price: Of course, the cost of the eggs will factor into your decision, though it should not be the only thing you worry about.

Origin: Where do the eggs come from? If you offer free range eggs to your customers or advertise organic eggs, you’ll need to ensure that is what you’re purchasing. Finding out where the eggs come from is a good start and will help you narrow down the many egg suppliers out there.

Quality: Perhaps the most important factor is the quality of the eggs. You want eggs that are worth purchasing in bulk, which means testing them first. You’ll need to see for yourself that the eggs are fresh and ready to cook with, so check out the quality before committing to a large amount of eggs from one company.

Customer service: Even the best prices aren’t worth it when you receive poorly packaged eggs and get ignored when you complain. The best egg suppliers will have excellent customer service and will discuss things with you and answer your questions.

Transit: How long will it take the eggs to get to you? This determines how many you need to order and how often. While you can usually adjust to any schedule, it’s best if the company has what you need quickly, rather than making you wait for several weeks for your order. If you unexpectedly run out of eggs, you need to know when you’ll have more.

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