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The UK’s largest independent processing dairy.
All the milk Freshways processes comes from cows farmed in the UK.



The UK’s largest independent processing dairy.
All the milk Freshways processes comes from cows farmed in the UK.

Freshways Offers the Freshest Choice

We Provide Wholesale Foods and Dairy Products Across the UK

At Freshways, we are committed to offering all of our clients throughout London, Wales, and the rest of the UK, the freshest milk and dairy products on the market. From wholesalers and manufacturers all the way through to smaller businesses such as bakeries, cafes, hotels, and retailers, we are the most dependable dairy product supplier in the UK. We take great pride in being an independent and family-run business that offers you not only the highest quality dairy products but also a reliable wholesale food service. For more information about our dairy products, all you need to do is get in touch with a helpful member of the Freshways dairy company today. We’d be delighted to help.

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High-quality dairy products

We understand that, for many businesses across the UK, fresh high-quality milk and dairy products are essential. Our dairy company only uses cows farmed in the UK, so not only do we guarantee quality products every time, but we also provide a reliable and efficient delivery service to ensure that our dairy products reach you as soon as possible. However we are not just a dairy supplier: we also provide a wholesale food service that supplies juices, cheese, butter, and bread as well as other everyday products that you may require.

We offer a bespoke wholesale food service

Since our beginnings in 1990 as a small wholesaler, we’ve grown into one of the largest independent and family-run dairy suppliers in the UK. We’ve always aimed for providing the freshest and highest quality dairy and milk products at competitive prices. There are no third parties involved with our process, allowing us to offer fast, efficient, and reliable supplies of dairy, whether you’re in Acton, London, or anywhere in the country.

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Why Choose Us as Your Wholesale Food Service?

If you want fresh, high-quality dairy products from a top-rated UK dairy company then look no further than Freshways for all your dairy supplier needs. We know that businesses rely on dependable delivery and we have an excellent track record showing that we are consistently reliable. For your added convenience we also provide a wholesale food service across the UK. Freshways offers the freshest choice. Get in touch with us today.
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For more information, get in touch with our helpful and friendly staff today on

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