Your Complete Guide To Juice Cocktails For Summer 2022

With British Summer Time officially beginning on the 27th of March, it’s natural to start planning ahead for those barbecues in the sun and warm evening get-togethers. As the improved weather creates more opportunities for socialising and creating memories with friends, there are few more refreshing options than fruit cocktails.If your favourite fruity blend contains liquor and a mix of exotic ingredients, or you’re looking for a mocktail which the younger members of your family can enjoy, bulk juices from Freshways are bound to hit the spot. Providing branded wholesale products from your favourite  juice company, you’ll never go thirsty this Summer.

Continue reading for the lowdown on some of the most delicious fruit cocktails that you can prepare for family and friends, including some old favourites and irresistable new combinations to enjoy.

Refreshing Mixes For Family And Friends

A specially crafted combination of spirits mixed with fruit juice, syrup or cream, cocktails are a staple of parties and social events worldwide. Just as frequently ordered in bars, pubs and clubs, cocktails are an enjoyable way to unwind, and don’t pack the punch that many conventional spirit mixers do. Some cocktail drinks are very simple and only involve two liquid ingredients, whereas others are more complex and involve a base liquor alongside several different fruit juices, spices and garnishes. All of the cocktails on this list can be easily made at home, with minimal experience of mixing drinks. As well as the alcoholic creations listed below, there are several alcohol-free mocktail options for non-drinkers and children alike, so everyone can enjoy the pleasures of fresh fruit juice in the heat.

Orange Juice Cocktails

Perhaps the most common fruit juice ingredient found in cocktails, the tangy yet sweet kick of orange juice makes for a great flavour to base your drink around. Freshways stock the leading orange juice brands in The United Kingdom, with Tropicana’s famed recipe containing three oranges in every glass, ideal for cocktails bursting with seasonal goodness. Here are just some ideas to try out:

Blood Orange Margarita

A traditional citrus blend which has been enjoyed at cocktail parties for generations, the blood orange margarita includes tequila, lime juice, and of course the blood orange base. Often served with a slice of orange in the neck, it’s as simple as combining the ingredients with a generous helping of triple sec and serving once shaken.


One of the more simple cocktail blends available to make, a mimosa is a simple mix of sparkling wine and orange juice – you can decide the ratios of juice to wine yourself! As well as the basic two-ingredient version, add vodka, Grand Marnier, Chambord, or even whiskey to suit your preferences.

Classic Screwdriver

Another simple mix but no less indulgent, screwdriver cocktails have been around for centuries, and are no less popular today. Ice, orange juice and vodka form the base of this mix, and orange slices in the neck can add to the appearance. Freshly squeezed orange juice is ideal, and available from us at the click of a button.

Apple Juice Cocktails

Sweeter than orange juice and retaining a refreshing, slightly sour aftertaste, apple juice is a favourite among cocktail-lovers and it’s not hard to see why. While apple flavoured spirits and ciders have become popular, you simply cannot beat the taste of authentic apple juice from reputable companies like Johnson’s:

Berry Apple Breeze

If you enjoy vodka, then this mix is likely to become a favourite. Containing vodka, apple juice, pomegranate juice and blueberries to garnish, this refreshing recipe will leave you coming back for more. The pomegranate flavours mix surprisingly well, and antioxidant benefits are to be found within this fresh juice.


Tequila, apple juice and lemon juice combine for this cocktail named after a region of New Mexico, Blackcurrant flavoured vodka is often added to take the edge from the tequila. Though there are a few ingredients within this cocktail, it’s well worth a try on a humid evening with good company. Pick up bulk juice from Freshways today.

Apple Jack

A combination of apple juice and Jack Daniel’s whiskey as the name would suggest, the Apple Jack is a combination which actually reached peak popularity during the 1920s and 30s, but is still enjoyed to this day. Getting the whiskey and apple juice proportions right is key to making the most of this old favourite.


Always an option for designated drivers, non-drinkers and the kids, mocktails are a fantastic way to enjoy a variety of juices and fresh fruity combinations. There are all manner of delicious blends to sample and make the most of, with just a few of them found below:

The Cinderella

The Cinderella is a tropical favourite, including pineapple juice, lemon and syrups for additional flavour. Usually topped with soda water and garnished with lime, this child-friendly cocktail includes many ingredients, but can be enjoyed by everyone if mixed in a punch bowl or large container.

Piña Colada Mocktail

A twist on the classic Piña Colada blend, this mocktail is ideal to relax with at the weekend. Pineapple juice, coconut milk and squeezed lime make up the base. To offset the bitterness of the lime, add a generous helping of syrup, icing sugar or other sweet solution, then mix.

Shirley Temple

A famous kids cocktail bursting with fruity flavours, the Shirley Temple is simple but effective. Fizzy fun is easy, just mix grenadine, ginger and lime juice with plenty of ice, before garnishing with a cherry. For those unfamiliar with grenadine, it’s a sugar-sweetened pomegranate syrup which accompanies many cocktail blends – non-alcoholic of course..

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