The Nutritional Value Of Butter And Other Spreads

Whether you’re tucking into some toast for breakfast to start the day, or packing sandwiches for that lunch break at work, butter and various other spreads of choice can provide a tasty addition to your bread of choice. Easy to prepare, delicious and inexpensive, but did you know that many popular sandwich spreads hold nutritional value as well? Health benefits and useful vitamins can be found within many condiments, and can provide an easy addition to your diet. Freshways are your trusted wholesale food supplier, offering trusted brands, fresh dairy produce and the nation’s most popular spreadables to buy in bulk. We have grown in quality and reliability to become the largest independent family-run butter suppliers in the country, promising healthy and wholesome ingredients nationwide.

Continue reading to discover some of the nutritional benefits provided by your favourite sandwich spreadable, and browse products from your favourite bread company on our site..


A popular topping within sandwiches everywhere, butter has long been the spreadable choice for The United Kingdom. Creamy and indulgent with a distinctive salty taste, butter is also used within baking, and can be found within a huge range of sweet and savoury recipes. The nutritional value of butter is found within its source of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin which is crucial for skin health, immune system function, and healthy vision. Butter is also an ideal source of conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat found in many dairy products. Conjugated linoleic acids have been shown to have anticancer properties and could help reduce the growth of the most frequent forms of cancer. Wholesale butter is available in bulk for your retail store or commercial needs..


Often seen as a healthy alternative to butter, margarine is made from vegetable oil and is therefore free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats. One ounce of margarine provides you with 35% of your daily recommended vitamin K intake and 20% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin A, though generally the health benefits of the spread depend on what kind of vegetable oils it contains. Often rich in polyunsaturated fat. Studies show that eating polyunsaturated fat instead of saturated fat found in butter may reduce the risk of heart problems. Ultimately there are benefits to both butter and margarine..

Spreadable Cheese

Spreadable cheeses can be delicious on slices of toast, indulgent in a baguette, and even on a bagel or breakfast muffin. Many types of spreadable cheese are widely available, with Freshways stocking much-loved brands such as Philadelphia. Cheese is a nutrient-dense food, providing protein, fats and minerals aplenty. Although some cheeses are high in saturated fats and sodium, they may also be rich in calcium and protein, with some fermented types containing probiotics. You can enjoy a modest amount of cheese as part of a healthy diet, but how it is eaten is key, though as a spreadable, portion sizes shouldn’t be an issue!


A favourite for those with a sweeter tooth, jams are a fruity alternative to butter and can be used within other treats, from cakes to scones. Due to the ground fruit which jam is composed of, this spread can provide a healthy yet somewhat sugary option to consume within your diet. There is a substance called pectin present in jams which can help in improving the health of your hair, skin and fingernails, while it also assists with decreasing blood pressure and forming red blood cells in the body. Additionally, jam is a good source of fibre, helping you to eat less throughout the day and making you feel full for longer.


While marmalade is produced in a similar way to jam, and therefore high in sugar, It is also a useful source of vitamin A, which promotes the growth of cells in the body,  helping to fight and heal infections. The addition of orange provides nutrients which help with calcium intake, protecting your teeth and bones. Low sodium is another notable benefit to take from spreadable marmalade, why not try out this citrus-based sandwich filling if you haven’t already?


Sweet, moreish and packed with health benefits, honey is an excellent addition to meal times, or used within a sandwich for an early-afternoon snack. Honey has a lower glycaemic value than conventional sugar, meaning that the effects of this 100% natural product on your blood sugar levels will be slower. A serving of this treat may even help stimulate bodily tissue growth and minimise scar formation, which should be encouraging for those with wounds, bruises or scratches. High-quality honey will be minimally processed, unheated, and fresh, containing important bioactive compounds for disease prevention.


Available as a creamy paste or with large chunks, Pâté is a spreadable delicacy which simply will often constitute a mixture of seasoned ground seafood, meat, or vegetables. Enjoyed as an accompaniment to bread, and often paired with cheese, the nutritious qualities of Pâté are found in its copper and iron content, which help your body transport and store oxygen. Vitamin B-12 is prevalent within this spread, benefitting your nervous system health. Pâté is also a convenient way to consume organ meat, allowing people who would otherwise shun nutritious meats such as liver to get a wide range of extra goodness into their diet.

Our Everyday Product Range

In addition to offering a number of branded spreadable products, we also supply juices, bread, eggs and many other everyday products that you may require. Below are just several of the popular fresh items we stock in bulk:

Kingsmill Soft White

The perfect base for a jam sandwich, buttered toast or delicious spreadable cheese, Kingsmill Soft White encourages you to celebrate the simple pleasure of soft white bread, Kingsmill use specially selected flour to make a delicious and squeezably soft loaf for the whole family to enjoy.

Hovis Good Inside

Hovis believe that the secret to a happy, healthy life is to get some good stuff inside. That’s why they have added plenty of extra goodness to the Good Inside range. A healthy and filling loaf which compliments Hovis’ wide selection of premium products, try the Good Inside range today!

Yeo Valley Strawberry Yogurt

Fancy getting your dairy fix in another way? Yeo Valley Strawberry Yogurts are a tastier and creamier combination of whole milk Yogurt and fresh organic strawberries, puréed up to provide a good texture – with bits in the big pots, smooth in the small pots.

Rodda’s Clotted Cream

The crowning glory of Rodda’s clotted cream has always been the delicious golden crust, which is especially rich and delicate due to the quality of milk and the way it is baked. It’s a protective seal of freshness for the delicious, silky cream below and it’s how you know you’ve got the real deal.

Wholesale Food Supplied Nationwide By Freshways

We’ve expanded rapidly at Freshways despite our simple beginnings. Founded in 1990 as a small wholesaler based in Acton, we rapidly grew by providing terrific service, becoming the go-to milk and dairy supplier for cafés and independent retailers nationwide. By processing high-quality products, we were able to seamlessly move into other sectors of the dairy industry, supplying milk and cream to manufacturers, used in popular dairy products found all over the United Kingdom. We also source and provide a wide variety of own-label and branded food, including items from your favourite bread company, fruit juices, cheese and eggs.

We are committed to offering clients throughout London, Wales and the rest of the UK, the freshest dairy and milk products available. From manufacturers and wholesale providers to bakeries, hotels and retailers, we’re the dependable dairy supplier of choice for Britain. Taking great pride in being independent and family-run, we npt only offer the highest quality products, but also a fantastic personalised service. For more information on the services we provide, and our diverse product range, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re the nation’s trusted wholesale butter supplier for a reason!