We’ve recently added Oatly to our range of wholesale food and drinks products, and have become passionate about the many benefits of drinking oat milk! We also know that adding oat milk to your menu should be the next step your cafe takes to offer delicious coffee and attract new customers. Whether you run a small coffee and cake shop or you manage a hotel cafeteria, here’s why it’s time to include oat milk  on your menu.

Oat milk creates deliciously creamy coffee

Your cafe customers want great coffee, and using oat milk can help you deliver this. Using brands like Oatly can give your hot drinks a creaminess that many other types of dairy-free milk just can’t quite match. It’s not just coffee, either. Oat milk also tastes great in tea, hot chocolate, milkshakes and smoothies. You can also use it in your cakes and puddings! This has made oat milk one of the most popular milk alternatives for people who follow a dairy-free diet or lifestyle.

Offering oat milk helps you cater to diet, lifestyle and allergy requirements

It’s become more and more important for cafes to provide alternative milk options to cater to customers with dietary, lifestyle and allergy requirements. For people who follow a vegan diet or who are lactose intolerant, finding a cafe that serves dairy-free coffee can be truly exciting! Offering oat milk, alongside other dairy-free milk products, can help you cater to these requirements.

Oat milk offers many great health benefits

Offering oat milk could also help your cafe cater to people following a healthy lifestyle. This is because it offers many great health benefits! One of the major health benefits is that it’s high in calcium, making it popular amongst gym-goers and sports enthusiasts alike. It’s also a great source of B vitamins which have been linked to feeling happier!

If you’re ready to enhance your cafe’s coffee menu with Oatly, then you needn’t look further than Freshways for a wholesale milk supplier you can rely on. We’re proud to be the UK’s favourite wholesale food and drink suppliers, specialising in dairy products, baked goods, fruit juices and much more from only the best leading brands.

No matter what you need to impress your cafe customers, we at Freshways are here for you! Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale oat milk and dairy product deliveries.