The food is the highlight of the Christmas season for many people; whether that’s an enormous turkey with all the trimmings, mince pies or boxes of chocolates to dip into throughout the day. Many of us see it as the perfect time to indulge, with frequent snacking in between the usual three meals.

If the constant stream of mince pies, sherry and liquor chocolates is starting to get a little sickly sweet, what you need is a platter of Christmas cheese. Rich, salty, creamy or sharp; there’s a cheese for every occasion and there are plenty that work with rich Christmas flavours like port or cranberries. If you’re thinking about putting together a Christmas cheese board, or simply want some delicious varieties to snack on throughout the day, see below for four of our favourite cheeses to enjoy this holiday season.


This rich blue cheese is a Christmas classic and with good reason. Stilton pairs perfectly with a glass of port, sherry or a rich sloe gin. Look out for a creamy, off white hue and a texture that isn’t too crumbly; experts say that the perfect consistency should feel like cold butter.

Goat’s cheese

A mellow goat’s cheese provides the perfect balance to bolder, punchier flavours like blue cheese or mature cheddar. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, ask for a goat’s cheese that’s on the milder side, with a sweet nutty flavour.


Tunworth is a great alternative to Camembert if you’re looking to try something different, with a similar creamy texture and truffle, garlicky taste. It’s often called the ‘British Camembert’ and is delicious paired with fresh bread and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Mature cheddar

Another Christmas classic, most people wouldn’t dream of leaving a strong, mature cheddar off their Christmas cheese board. It’s worth buying the best quality you can afford; preferably a variety that’s been allowed to age in the traditional fashion for a stronger, more complex flavour.

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