How to Prepare the Perfect Children's Packed Lunch

Having an idea about what to pack into your child’s lunch box can be difficult. More often than not, kids can be a little fussy when it comes to food. As well as this, it can be hard to create a balanced and nutritious lunch that quick and easy and more importantly – something they’ll enjoy nibbling on.


However, if you choose fresh and varied ingredients, you are sure to be on to a winner. So, with this in mind, we have created a mini-guide to packing a delicious and tasty lunch for your child and to hopefully give you some inspiration and inform you of the key food groups you should be including.


So, let’s get started with the basics. In terms of drinks, there are three key options. Firstly, you might want to consider a classic bottle of water. It’s really important for children to stay hydrated especially when on the move. Other than this, milk is a fantastic option and a brilliant source of calcium – something especially important for children aged 5-10. Or if your child has more of a sweet tooth, fruit juice can be a good option too!


A portion of dairy needs to be included in every lunchtime meal. So, why not opt for something simple such as a yoghurt or fromage frais. child-sized pots tend to come between 50-100g. Other than this, sliced cheese such as Cheddar along with some crackers is a fantastic option. 15g-20g is the recommended portion size. Or you could even opt for a soft cheese spread in a sandwich or roll, the recommended portion size for a child is 20-25g.


Protein is essential for helping your child to grow. It’s also great for helping them to feel fuller for longer. You can include chicken, fish, eggs, as well as beans or pulses such as kidney beans, lentils or chickpeas is your little one is a veggie. A good way of measuring a portion of protein is to give your little one the amount of protein which they can fit into the palm of their hand.


Carbs are super important for giving your child energy. You can get this into their lunch by including, a tasty sandwich, roll or pitta bread. Or even a fresh pasta or rice salad. Carbohydrates will make up a third of their lunch box and if you are trying to get more fibre into their diet, you may want to use wholegrain versions for sandwiches, for example, ‘high-fibre white bread.

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