Ways to Get More Dairy into Your Kids’ Diets

It is highly common for parents to want some advice about the role that dairy plays in their child’s diet, and how much their child still should, or needs to, consume dairy.

This blog is going to explore the nutritional role of dairy in a child’s diet, with a real focus on the pre-school and adolescent as these age groups have increased nutritional needs to meet their growth and development, particularly calcium needs for bone growth. Read on to discover more!

How much dairy does my child need?

The recommended intake of foods from the dairy food group increases as children get older. So as children grow, their intake of milk, cheese, yoghurt or alternatives needs to grow too so this is something you need to consider. NHS has provided a handy guide outlining the specifics of this.


Slip something easy into their lunch boxes like crackers with cream cheese or rice cakes and sliced cheddar for a tasty snack. Sprinkle mozzarella onto mini pizzas, oven bakes, lasagne or just grate it up for them to sprinkle onto some pasta. You can also use cream cheese icing for fairy cakes, cheese sauces and don’t forget yummy dips that contain cream cheese.


Simple and delicious as a snack – serve it drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nuts; use it as an accompaniment to fruit, stir icing sugar into yoghurt and use it to ice muffins or freeze it into ice lollies – perfect for a summer treat.


Put some berries in the blender to mix with some milk, add a spoonful of flavouring, whizz it all up in the blender with a banana or use it to simmer a delicious rice pudding.

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