Healthy Weekday Snacks For Lunchboxes

We all know the old saying: “Healthy body, healthy mind”, with the correct balanced diet required for long periods of concentration and problem solving. Whether you oversee the meal schedule at a local school, or simply want your child to be consuming the correct food groups and nutritious daytime snacks, there are an array of benefits to be found from considering the contents of a packed lunch meal. Freshways have long been supplying goodness-packed savoury ingredients and food, to healthy-yet-scrumptiously sweet  drinks, making us a reliable bulk supplier, known around The United Kingdom.

Read on, and make the most of our huge online catalogue, with everything from dairy delights to fruity flavours.

Wholemeal Sandwiches

Compared to white bread, a wholemeal loaf will generally be less calorific and bloating, as well as remaining extremely high in fibre, which can improve digestive health. Though popular fillings may include cheese or a sugary artificial spread, why not mix things up with green vegetables and natural ingredients including sunflower spread, honey and jams. The bread base itself will be rich in vitamins and minerals, including B1, B2 and B3 to name just three. Hovis, Kingsmill and Roberts products also include beneficial mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

Refreshing Juice

Real fruit juice should be considered within a child’s lunchbox as a healthier alternative to milkshakes, sugary drinks and fizzy sodas, though you should always read the label of your chosen juice to ensure it is as healthy as first appears. Brands including Tropicana, Johnson’s and Naked are packed with fruity goodness, while Copella and our very own Freshways branded juices are fantastic for children of any age. Eating the daily recommended amount of fruit and veg can help to reduce the risks of many prominent causes of illness, and juice is a simple way to work fruit into a child’s diet.

Creamy Yoghurt Pots

Yoghurt pots are a brilliant source of protein, calcium and other assorted vitamins for developing brains, with natural yoghurt particularly tasty when topped with fruit and nuts. Direct from the nation’s favourite yoghurt company, Muller’s varieties can be acquired in such flavours as raspberry, strawberry and peach, with individually wrapped pots for easy packing into a lunchbox. Buy in bulk for reduced rates from your friendly wholesale company, and benefit from probiotics which boost the immune system.

Looking for wholesale bread? A new juice supplier? Or locally sourced milk and dairy products? At Freshways, we’re a nationally trusted provider of everything from eggs and cheese, to branded offerings such as Tropicana juice and Muller yoghurt.

With an ever-growing selection of lunchbox favourites and mealtime treats, we supply to businesses and individuals throughout London and the rest of The United Kingdom. As well as supporting British farmers, you can be sure of quality whenever you opt for us. Any questions? Contact the team today – we would be happy to help.