Four Great Ways to Use Oat Milk in Your Cafe

For people who are allergic to dairy or choose to avoid it as part of their diet or lifestyle, oat milk is a creamy and nutritious alternative that can be used as a substitute for milk in many recipes. Whether you run a cafe and you’re looking to expand your menu or you’re simply curious about plant-based milks, we’ve listed four great ways to use oat milk in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Stir into hot drinks

Cafe owners, there’s no better time to offer your diners oat milk alongside traditional dairy milk. The smoothness of oat milk makes it a great addition to hot coffee and freshly brewed tea – and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it! Simply stir a splash of oat milk into your hot drinks the same way you would with milk and serve with a slice of cake.

Use in cake recipes

Milk is a crucial component in many cake recipes (especially cafe and restaurant favourites, such as cheesecake!) but dairy-free baking is on the rise. Again, this is largely motivated by the many hospitality businesses that recognise the importance of catering to all customers. Although oat milk doesn’t have quite the same consistency as milk, it is possible to get creative by using this plant-based alternative in your cooking. Brownies, cookies and banana bread are three of the easiest cakes to make with oat milk!

Blend in smoothies

Fruity smoothies always go down a treat amongst health-conscious cafe customers, especially during the summer months. To make sure your smoothie recipes can be altered to suit every dietary requirement, why not offer customers a choice of milks? Oat milk tastes very similar to dairy milk when blended with fruits and other flavourings, so you can expand your menu without compromising on taste.

Create sauces

If you specialise in Italian cuisine, you’ll be pleased to know that oat milk can be used in place of dairy milk in many sauces. Whether you want to surprise your vegan diners with a milk-free carbonara or cater to lactose-intolerant customers with the perfect lasagne, swapping the dairy in each recipe for plant-based alternatives, such as oat milk, couldn’t be more simple!

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