Five Baked Goods Every Cafe Breakfast Menu Needs

As the most important meal of the day, making sure you offer a delicious and nutritious breakfast menu to your cafe customers is essential! With a great menu, you can firmly establish your cafe as the number one breakfast spot in your local area. Making sure you supply a wide range of great-tasting bakery items is also crucial; everyone knows that crumbly and flaky baked goods are the best part of any breakfast dish!

To help you keep your cafe customers satisfied, here are five baked goods we recommend including on your breakfast menu.


Bread is a must-have on every breakfast menu! From simple classics like toast with jam to gourmet favourites (like Welsh rarebit or French toast!), bread offers a lot of scope to be creative. You can also use leftover bread in your lunch menu to make sure nothing goes to waste. To help you feel inspired, we’ve even put together a separate article with six great ways to use bread in your cafe!


Covered in syrup, fruit and chocolate chips, pancakes are sure to go down a treat in your cafe! Pancakes are a family favourite – especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings – so expect to see customers flooding through your doors when you add pancakes to your breakfast menu.


Like pancakes, waffles are a sweet treat loved by all! Waffles are quick and simple to whip up (or you can purchase ready-to-cook waffles from leading brands like Kingsmill), making them a great addition to any cafe breakfast menu. Serve with a selection of chopped fruit and a hot cup of tea for the perfect morning meal.


Best enjoyed with a generous serving of butter, crumpets are one of the UK’s favourite breakfast baked goods! You don’t need to do anything fancy with crumpets to make them taste great, but offering your customers a selection of spreads will go down well! We particularly enjoy eating crumpets with butter, honey, jam and peanut butter.

Bread rolls

Who doesn’t love a warm bread roll in the morning? From classic fried egg sandwiches to vegetarian sausage butties, the menu options are endless with soft bread rolls. Simply choose a selection of fillings, purchase the highest-quality bread rolls from your favourite wholesale supplier, and brighten your customers’ morning with a delicious breakfast sandwich!

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