A Guide for Egg Buyers: Organic? Wholesale? Free Range? Fresh?

It can be confusing when you pop to the shops to buy some eggs and you’re faced with dozens of different kinds that are labelled with a different mixture of the same terms. Should you buy the expensive organic free-range option? How about the fresh organic alternative? Or the wholesale fresh free-range box? They might seem like inconsequential labels but these details are very telling about the quality of the egg and the treatment of the hens.

This guide will explain the differences between these different terms so you’re better informed next time you go to the shop or when you order a fresh batch from us here at Freshways!

‘Free Range’ Eggs

If eggs are free-range then this means the hens that produced them weren’t caged and they had access to outside spaces. EU egg regulations state that ‘free range’ egg labels require the hens to have continuous daytime access to runs that are covered in vegetation with no more than 2,500 birds per hectare. Free-range eggs are better for your health as they contain significantly less cholesterol and saturated fat and have more vitamins, omega-3 and beta-carotene.

‘Wholesale’ Eggs

Anything labelled wholesale simply means that it’s produced in large batches. Things that are sold wholesale are usually to retailers for particularly low prices who can then make a margin when they sell them to their customers. Wholesale eggs are particularly useful for the catering industry and any other commercial setting where large batches are used regularly. At Freshways, we offer our wholesale eggs both free-range and organic!

‘Fresh’ Eggs

Unlike the other terms, ‘fresh’ is more difficult to definite as there aren’t any regulations around using the term in relation to egg farming. However, fresher eggs generally have a harder shell and their yolks stay together better which is useful for cooking fried eggs. You’ll be able to tell if your eggs are fresh as their yolks will be a deeper, richer yellow colour – and they’ll taste richer too!

‘Organic’ Eggs

If a box of eggs is labelled ‘organic’ then this is considered the gold standard of eggs in the UK. Hens are kept in much less crowded conditions (the EU standard is 3,000 per flock) which gives them more room to move around. Plus, they’re fed all-natural feed rather than feed with cheaper chemicals and additives that make other eggs cheaper. Not only this but they’re also better for the environment because no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics or fertilisers are used.

Here at Freshways, we’re one of the UK’s premier egg suppliers and we’re proud of our broad product range which includes cream, milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt and juices. If you have any questions about our eggs or would like to explore our product range then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0208 746 2046 today!