A Guide to the Perfect Cheeseboard

If you’re looking to have a cheeseboard then it’s important you know about which elements are absolutely essential and how to balance them out properly. Creating a cheeseboard is more than simply putting some cheeses on a plate; it’s about accompanying the right cheese options with a variety of charcuterie (cured meats), bread, savoury additions, and fruity garnishes too!

The Board

The first element to a good cheeseboard that can’t be overlooked is the actual board itself. Would you like a traditional wooden cheeseboard or are you going to opt for a contemporary slate alternative? You’ll also need to think about its shape, which should be based on the number of people sharing the cheeseboard and the food that’ll go on it.


It goes without saying that the centrepiece of all cheeseboard is the cheese! You’ll want to lay out a  balanced range of textures and flavours. You can’t go wrong with aged cheddar or gouda, alongside a soft brie or goats cheese, as well as a firmer option like Parmigiano or edam, accompanying a blue cheese like stilton or Roquefort. This would be a good example of a well-rounded selection of both flavour and texture.

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It’s important to think about which bread you’ll serve with your cheeseboard amongst its various ingredients. For example, if you’re offering a camembert then you’ll want to offer a particularly crusty bread. Whilst some people prefer their cheeseboard with just crackers, others stick to a baguette, so you may wish to offer both.


Charcuterie is a term meaning ‘cured meats’ and it’s another vital element to a good cheeseboard. Salami is a common choice due to its richness and parma ham is favoured for its delicate texture and smokey flavour. For a stronger, perhaps spicy, alternative pepperoni is also sometimes served alongside the above selection of cheeses.

A Savoury Touch

A good way to keep everything balanced is to offer some sort of savoury element like some nuts. Perhaps walnuts, peanuts or almonds could be served with the cheeseboard. These would also be good for cleansing your pallet between trying the different types of cheeses. Some dried fruits would be another great savoury addition.


You’ll also want to garnish your cheeseboard with some colourful but complementary garnishes. For example, you could add some small pomegranates, green or red grapes, or some sliced red apples to provide a juicy crunch. Otherwise, rosemary is a brilliant garnish, as are fresh chopped chives. These would look particularly good in a pot to keep the board from getting overcrowded.

Hopefully, now you’ll be able to curate the perfect cheeseboard for your hospitality establishment or next time you have friends around. To impress them, visit us here at Freshways for organic wholesale dairy options. If you have any questions about cheese options then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0208 746 2046 today!