Using Yoghurt In Cooking And Baking

Yoghurt is not only incredibly healthy when consumed in moderation, a great nutritious substitute for many recipes and of course extremely tasty, but it can even be used in a surprising array of meals. From adding a creamier thicker texture to curry, accompanying a fruit-packed dessert and forming the base of a sauce, there are all manner of things you can do with yoghurt. Let Freshways take you through some of the very best uses of this leftover dairy favourite – ideal for restaurants,commercial venues and hosted domestic events. 

What Is Yoghurt?

Yoghurt is a smooth-textured fermented milk product which can be consumed either by itself, or as a component within a recipe. As a fermented dairy offering, it retains many of the health benefits of milk, with flavourings and various complementary ingredients often added afterwards. A wide variety of yoghurts are available – from low-fat fruity children’s options, to hearty and thick Greek-style pots. Made predominantly from the milk of cows, leading brands from The United Kingdom include Müller, Yeo Valley and Activia, with the yoghurt industry continuing to grow as more individuals turn to healthy eating habits.

Health Benefits

Various health benefits make yoghurt a fantastic addition to your balanced diet, providing a nutritious alternative to other sweet snacks. Often high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics, these dairy delights are great for your gut health, and support the immune system efficiently. High protein content makes yoghurt a worthy option for muscle recovery, while calcium is well-known for assisting with healthy bones and teeth. Helping muscles to contract and regulating normal heart rhythms, yoghurt is one of the easiest ways to ingest a regular intake of calcium, especially for children who could face health problems related to weak bones without it.

Top Tips

Though young palates may not appreciate the sour aftertaste of Greek yoghurt, or fussy eaters might reject the runny texture of a fruity dairy dessert, fear not, there are plenty of ways to work it into regular recipes and familiar foods. Lots of existing meals can benefit from the rich and creamy tang found in a spoonful of yoghurt, so consult these quick top tips for assistance:

Greek Or Regular Yoghurt?

Whereas both regular thinner yoghurt and the fattier Greek variety can both be enjoyed within recipes, Greek yoghurt is likelier to add moisture and flavour to your latest kitchen creation. To easily substitute for other yoghurt types if you don’t have the required variety to hand, simply thin it out with a small amount of milk or water until it reaches the correct consistency.

Trial And Error

As is the case with any new recipe or experimental dish, things are unlikely to go perfectly at the first time of trying. Multiple attempts with differing yoghurt amounts, various branded yoghurts and additions to the recipe can provide you with the ideal dinner party meal, menu addition or delicious healthier appetiser. Acquire from your favourite yoghurt suppliers and get to testing!

Dairy Disasters

Be aware of the short shelf-life most dairy products can have – and never leave a yoghurt at room temperature for too long unless you want a thinner pot of sour liquid. When first trialling a yoghurt ingredient-swap, it can be easy to get carried away, so cautiously add in dollops of your favourite Freshways yoghurt to slowly build up the texture and flavour.

Baked Treats

Cakes, cookies and sweet treats are about as far away as you can get from nutrition, but a hearty dollop of yoghurt and a few healthier alternative ingredients can result in a guilt-free recipe. Indulgent spongy cakes are likely to be the outcome when you substitute milk and sugar for a plain or flavoured greek yoghurt – not too sweet but just as indulgent. The tried-and-tested Greek yoghurt swap makes for fewer calories, less fat, but no loss of flavour.

Curries And Soups

Combining a plain Greek yoghurt with a bowl of soup should balance out the rich savoury flavours with a familiar tang. Soup is already a great healthy option, but a helping of yoghurt should add even more goodness to the dish. If you’re making a soup from scratch, swap out calorific ingredients such as oil, butter, and mayonnaise to cut fat out of your meals. Half-and-half used within soup is very unhealthy – so swap it for Greek yoghurt for a just-as creamy texture.

Dressings And Sauces

Marinating meat or poultry in yoghurt-based sauces will tenderise the item more gently than an acidic vinegar-based marinade, resulting in a piece of meat that is crispy but not overly tough or chewy. You can even use yoghurt as a creamy base for sweet and savoury dip options. Adding yoghurt to savoury dips and soups gives them a reliable creaminess and tang, offsetting strong flavours and spices nicely.

Frozen Fun

Left with some excess yoghurt and unsure what to do with it? Cook up a fun activity day with the kids, or indulge in some chilled goods. Homemade ice cream, ice lollies and even ice cubes can be made with flavoured yoghurts. Mixing things up with fresh fruit can result in a surprisingly healthy snack option. Simply pour yoghurt into a preset plastic shaped container and freeze, for a refreshing creamy treat. Raspberry, peach and mango are our Freshways favourites.

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