How to Serve Stilton Cheese

Stilton cheese is renowned for its strong flavour and unique looks. However, it can be difficult to know what to do with it if you’ve never paired strong cheese with anything. Here are some simple ways to serve this delightful cheese to your friends, family, and clients.

Add to Soups

Any type of soup can be easily enhanced with some crumbled Stilton. However, you’ll find that it makes the most impact on simpler soups, like potato or corn soup. The complex flavour of the cheese can become lost if you have too much going on in the flavour profile.

Atop Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables can be a wonderful side dish or even a main. The taste is dramatically improved by adding a little bit of Stilton cheese on top of the vegetables for the last part of the roasting. It can enhance the dish and make it even more appetising.

In Crepes

Crepes lend themselves to many types of fillings. You can’t go wrong with a soft egg, fresh spinach, and a sprinkle of Stilton cheese. It turns a plain crepe into the most delicious breakfast around.

In Hand Pies

Are you familiar with ham hand pies? These can be made with a mixture of Stilton cheese and ham, tucked into the dough and baked or fried. The end result is a delicious mini meal to enjoy with friends.

Atop Gratin more

If you’re making a tasty gratin, consider adding a sprinkle of crumbled Stilton on the top. This will infuse the dish with far flavour and can really bring it to the next level. An ordinary dish instantly becomes gourmet.

With Dried Fruit

Stilton’s unique flavour goes well with dried fruits, such as figs. You can either stuff the fruit with a little cheese, or you may add it to a water biscuit with the fruit on top. This makes a lovely appetiser and can be perfect for parties and cocktail hours.

You’ll never have to wonder what you should do with that delectable piece of Stilton cheese again. It’s perfect for adding to so many dishes and can really perk a meal up. As it keeps well in the refrigerator, you may wish to pre-crumble it and have some ready to sprinkle on salads, soups, and more.

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