How to Improve the Taste of Your Protein Shakes

Do protein shakes leave a bad taste in your mouth? You’re not alone! Many people aren’t keen on drinking protein shakes because, more often than not, the more nutritious something is, the more cardboard-like the flavour becomes.

Most protein shakes are loaded with artificial sweeteners and protein powder that has been processed, which, when combined, create a taste that could convince anyone to abandon their diet. Make use of these tips to significantly enhance the flavour of your protein shakes, without losing any of their muscle-building and other health-related properties.

Add Fruit

Your protein shake can get a scrumptious boost from the fruit without significantly increasing the number of calories it contains. Strawberries, raspberries, and bananas are the most flavourful fruits that can be added to a protein shake. However, nearly any fruit can be used to improve the taste of a protein shake. By adding fruits to your protein shakes, not only will your shakes taste sweeter, but they will also provide you with an additional serving of fruit and the nutrients that come with it.

Add Milk

Although the addition of milk does not fundamentally alter the flavour of the protein shake, it does make the shake more reminiscent of a milkshake – and who doesn’t like milkshakes? To make it even more delicious, you can enhance the flavour by adding a sweetener of your choice, such as honey, jam, or another sugar substitute.

Add Cocoa Powder

Do you enjoy chocolate? If your answer is yes, we recommend that you incorporate a small amount of cocoa powder into your protein shake. The cocoa powder will add a rich, deep chocolate flavour without contributing too many extra calories.

Add Yoghurt

The inclusion of yoghurt in your protein shake will lend it an additional layer of complexity, elevating its overall flavour while simultaneously improving its nutritional profile and achieving a thicker consistency that many find enjoyable. The yoghurt also has the potential to impart a touch of sweetness to it, in addition to providing health benefits to the body. The probiotic bacteria that are found in yoghurt are beneficial to one’s health.

Add Some Peanut Butter

Put some peanut butter in your protein shake, or any other kind of nut butter for that matter, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat. Nut butter tends to have a high-calorie count, but the calories are healthy and come packed with nutrients. If you mix some of this nutty goodness into your protein shake, you will not only receive additional calories but also the additional nutrients that you require for growth.

You can get even better results from your protein shakes by combining a few of these additional ingredients in a variety of ways. You will not only improve the flavour of your protein shake by including these mix-ins, but you will also be increasing the amount of nutrient-dense foods in it, which will help you build muscle and maintain your lean body mass.

Freshways has a range of products that are ideal for boosting the flavour of your protein shakes. From jam and honey to milk and yoghurt, you’re sure to find the perfect ingredient for your taste buds. Get in touch today or browse our products online to find out more.