Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Add to Your Menu

More and more people are becoming conscious of how important their diet is to their health. This provides a unique opportunity for any business that offers meals, as you can put healthy breakfasts on your menus. The most important meal of the day is often when people are looking for something to fill them up and nourish them.

Granola with Yoghurt

You may offer this as a simple bowl of yoghurt, plain or flavoured, with granola sprinkled on top, or you could go with a more elegant parfait. This involves layering fruit, granola, and yoghurt in a beautiful breakfast display that will entice even the pickiest eater.

Yoghurt is full of calcium and protein to help you feel full longer and to build bone and muscle. Granola’s nuts and oats will also keep you energetic for the morning, and even into the afternoon, making this a great option for a healthy breakfast.

Toast and Fruit

A light, yet nutritious breakfast is a couple of pieces of toast, spread with butter or cream cheese, and a bowl of mixed fruit. Choose fruit that is in season for the best flavours and be sure to offer whole grain bread as an option for even healthier toast. You may want to provide some assorted nut butters or jams, as well, for even more flavour.

Toasted Bagel Sandwiches

Nothing beats a whole grain bagel sandwich. You can make these quite unhealthy, of course, but with the addition of soft cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a soft egg, you have the perfect breakfast sandwich with all the right flavours combined in it. If you have guests who prefer less cream cheese or wish to go dairy free, try spreading avocado on the toasted bagel instead of cream cheese.

Oatmeal with Additions

Fruity oatmeal with a handful of nuts sprinkled on top can be particularly good for you. This is an anti-inflammatory breakfast and one that will keep people feeling great all morning. You may wish to add a dollop of yoghurt or fruit preserves for a special touch.

Whatever you decide to offer on your healthy start menu, be sure to purchase the freshest ingredients possible. At Freshways, we offer a range of delicious and fresh products that will be ideal for your healthy menu. From eggs to bagels, there’s something for every restaurant. Contact us today to learn more.