Cherished all over the UK for its simplicity and adaptability as well as its easy approach to the dining table, toast is a national staple. It’s not difficult to see why. While we all agree that toast is delicious, debates range when it comes to the best compliment to toast, and below we weigh in with our enduring favourites.


You can argue it all you like, but nothing beats a hearty slice of toasted granary with a smattering of delicious and zingy orange jam – otherwise known as marmalade. Some may prefer the type with orange zest included and others may prefer the smooth kind but either way, it’s a classic spread and even a favourite with Paddington the Bear.

Strawberry Jam

Simple classic and effective – few toast toppings come close to the classic ol’ reliable – strawberry jam. This instant crowd-pleasing topping is great by itself or spread on top of the butter. Enjoy on brown or white bread, scones or croissants. It’s the perfect sweet-tooth option!


Sounds painfully obvious but you really can’t fault a slice of toast coated with lashings of butter. This delicious classic is a staple in pretty much every household and will always be available as an accompaniment to breakfast in hotels and restaurants. Why mess with a classic? Sometimes a slice of butter on toast really hits the spot.


Perhaps a less obvious toast topping but an absolutely delicious sweet option. Honey is particularly delicious with cinnamon and banana or simple and tasty by itself. It’s also truly delicious as a topping to yoghurt and cereal. Honey really is a cupboard staple.

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