Apple juice has plenty of benefits, which is why it is often a staple of young mothers and toddlers. However, it’s more than just a sweet drink. It’s a healthy alternative to more sugar laden drinks and can help you stay hydrated.

If you’re worried about the effect of the sugar, try adding some water or bubbly mineral water to it to dilute. Or, you can use apple juice in recipes to add flavour and vitamins.

1. Make Salad Dressings

It’s easy to turn apple juice into a simple vinaigrette that you can drizzle over salad or on a sandwich. You just need to mix two teaspoons of apple juice with a teaspoon of water, two teaspoons of lemon juice, a dash of Dijon mustard and two teaspoons of olive oil, then shake until blended. Use it right away on your salad.

2. Use It as a Glaze

If you enjoy baking meat with a semi-sweet glaze, you can use your apple juice for this, as well. Mix it with equal parts mustard and brown sugar to glaze a ham or pork chops before baking. Alternatively, you can mix it with one part brown sugar to three parts apple juice, add in any spices and simmer until reduced to create a glaze that can be used on any type of meat, even chicken.

3. Freeze It

Use ice pop moulds to freeze apple juice and create ice pops that are easy to eat when you don’t feel well. They’re ideal for helping you stay hydrated when your stomach is off and are particularly good for children. Add in a little dash of ginger for an anti-nausea effect.

Another option is to freeze apple juice in ice cubes to drop into bubbly water for a little extra flavour.

4. Make a Smoothie

You can also add apple juice to a smoothie in order to bring up the sweetness. This also works well with juices. If you enjoy green smoothies, you can eliminate most of the bitterness by adding some apple juice, while keeping it healthy. Blend in a small amount at a time until you have the desired sweetness.

5. Use as a Milk Substitute

Looking to go dairy free in your baking? Why not replace the milk with apple juice for a sweeter taste and a touch of harvest flavour? It’s an easy way to use up the last of your apple juice and will add a unique flavour to muffins, breads, and cakes.

Apple juice will always be a staple for most people, but if you’re looking for ways to use it more often, these should give you some helpful tips.

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