If you want the best sandwiches, you need the best bread. However, not all bread is suitable for all sandwiches and if you find the perfect bread for one type of sandwich, it will be all wrong for another style. So, what is a sandwich connoisseur to do?

Here’s a quick guide to choosing just the right bread for your specific sandwich.

White Sandwich Bread

If you are making a basic sandwich with savoury flavours, such as ham, prosciutto, etc., you will find that a simple white sandwich bread is ideal. It’s soft and slightly sweet, making it the perfect accompaniment to a umami filled delight.

However, it’s best when used with simple, drier ingredients, because that bread will soak up any liquids quickly and start to fall apart. If you do use it with a chicken salad or something similar, be sure to spread each half with butter or something to seal the bread.

Due to its sweet nature, white bread also works well with fruit spreads and nut butters.

Rolls or Thick Slice Bread

Looking for a bread that will hold up to the rigours of a filling that has a little liquid in it? Then you’ll need something sturdy enough to soak it all up and still maintain the support. Dinner rolls and thicker breads are ideal for such fillings as sloppy joes, pulled pork, and marinated steak.

Rolls are also excellent if you plan to use juicier additions such as tomatoes or avocado. The stiffer bread will hold up to the extra juice and you won’t be disappointed by an amazing sandwich.


For more delicate fillings, you’ll want a baguette. These are lighter and have little flavour, so they work well to showcase other flavours. If you’re looking to create a truly divine bruschetta or tartine, a thinly sliced baguette will do the trick. They also toast up nicely, which means they will hold up to any topping without getting too soggy.

Whole Grain Breads

Healthier fillings will pair nicely with the grainier versions of sandwich bread. Since the bread itself has more texture and will bring some nutty flavour to the table, you will find that stronger tasting fillings work well with it.

You can’t go wrong with a nice egg or chicken salad, along with sprouts and avocado spread. Drizzle with a little olive oil and you have the tastiest sandwich you’ve ever met.

As you build your sandwich, consider what type of bread will best compliment it. Not only do you want something that works texture-wise and structurally, but also in flavour. It’s an art, for sure, but one that can be learned.

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