Whether you run a charming seaside cafe or an established fine-dining restaurant in the heart of the city, it’s likely that yoghurt will feature in at least one of your recipes. From being cooked into curries or served on the side of pancakes, yoghurt truly is a versatile ingredient that many eateries rely on.

Even if yoghurt has become a staple in your cafe, restaurant or hotel kitchen, chances are you haven’t paid much attention to the reasons why. However, yoghurt has many benefits that make it an ideal ingredient to stock in all kitchens and to purchase in bulk.

Here we discuss the benefits of yoghurt, ranging from its nutritional qualities to its versatility as a cooking ingredient, and why you may want to consider buying it in bulk for your cafe or restaurant kitchen.

It’s delicious!

First things first, it’s delicious! Yoghurt has a mild, creamy taste that makes it popular amongst all ages, meaning it’s a brilliant ingredient to incorporate into dishes and drinks. Whether you cater to families with young children or sophisticated business clients, yoghurt’s mellow yet undeniably tasty flavour means it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

Additionally, with such a mild taste, yoghurt can be used to simply add an extra level of creaminess to a dish without distracting from its overall flavour. So, even if you have customers who wouldn’t necessarily enjoy eating a pot of yoghurt on its own, they’re likely to enjoy your menu’s flavours.

There are lots of types available

Depending on what recipes you’re hoping to whip up in the kitchen, there’s sure to be a type of yoghurt perfectly suited to them. This is another great benefit of yoghurt – there are many types available with a range of qualities and flavourings that make them ideal for different cuisines and recipes.

For instance, while plain yoghurt and Greek yoghurt taste fairly similar, apart from the fact that Greek is slightly sweeter, Greek yoghurt is significantly thicker than plain. This makes it an ideal substitute for cream and sour cream in baking, as it can help you achieve light, fluffy cakes. However, when cooking curries and soups, you may appreciate the milder flavour of plain yoghurt.

Other options include low-fat yoghurt, natural yoghurt, fat-free yoghurt and probiotic yoghurt, so whether you run a health-focused deli or a bakery, there’s sure to be an option for you.

Yoghurt suppliers stock lots of flavours

While it’s true that natural or plain yoghurt tends to have a mild taste, there are plenty of flavoured options on the market for those dishes or desserts that require a little extra flavour. This is especially beneficial to eateries that offer sweet treats or desserts, as these will taste delicious with an extra hint of berry, honey or peach.

For instance, if you offer a range of fruity smoothies, blending fruits with blackberry, strawberry or raspberry yoghurt will help to enhance their flavour and achieve a delectable, creamy texture. Or, if you have a breakfast menu that offers pancakes and granola, you may like to offer a range of flavoured yoghurts to accompany them.

Yoghurt – especially wholesale yoghurt – is inexpensive

Another great benefit of purchasing wholesale yoghurt for your eatery is the fact that it’s so inexpensive. As a business, it’s important to make sure that the ingredients you purchase fit into your monthly budget and that you’re going to continue making a profit.

After all, sourcing inexpensive goods, finding ways to increase their value and then selling them at a higher price is something all businesses do to survive, no matter what size or sector, and when it comes to those in the food industry, making a profit relies on finding inexpensive ingredients.

In comparison to other dairy products, yoghurt is fairly cheap to produce, which means it can be purchased by suppliers at a relatively low cost. This is especially true for eateries which purchase wholesale yoghurt, as they’ll enjoy lower prices as a result of buying in bulk.

There are options to suit dietary requirements and allergens

While the majority of yoghurts on the market tend to be produced with dairy, the last few years have seen an increase in dairy and lactose-free alternatives. This is partly due to an increased awareness surrounding allergens – including lactose intolerance – but also due to a rise in dietary and lifestyle changes, such as veganism.

There’s no reason why those who cannot eat dairy, or who choose not to, should have to go without yoghurt, which is why many leading brands now produce vegan or lactose-free alternatives. These can also be just as delicious and versatile as the original product, making them a great addition to any eatery’s kitchen.

This is hugely beneficial to eateries hoping to evolve and become more inclusive for customers with allergies or specific dietary requirements. Dietary requirements such as veganism have certainly created a growing market, which is something your cafe or restaurant may want to take into account if it hasn’t already.

Yoghurt is a versatile ingredient

One of the greatest benefits of yoghurt is the fact that it’s such a versatile ingredient. It can be used in the preparation of a variety of foods, from sweet treats to savoury dishes, and due to the fact that it has so many qualities, can also be used for a range of different purposes.

For instance, you can use yoghurt in its purest form as part of a breakfast dish. Popular recipe ideas include parfait, fruit salad and pancakes with yoghurt. Or, you could add yoghurt to bring creaminess to something, such as blending it with fruit to create a smoothie.

Yoghurt can also be used as a dressing. For instance, you could use yoghurt as a low-fat alternative to salad cream in coleslaw, salad and on top of baked potatoes. As plain or Greek yoghurts have such a mild flavour, they can also be served on the side of hot dishes, such as curry, chilli or chowder, to provide relief to those who struggle with spice.

It can even be used as a marinade for meat – particularly for chicken. The acid in the yoghurt helps to soften the meat as it cooks, making it a cheap yet effective marinade, and one which can be paired with lemon or spices to add an extra kick.

Its versatility makes it a brilliant product to purchase in bulk. After all, it certainly won’t go to waste, and your eatery can experiment with a range of different recipes to really make the most of it.

Yoghurt has a range of health benefits

While we’re celebrating the benefits of yoghurt, both for businesses in the food industry and for the customers eating it, we can’t forget to mention its long list of health benefits. Yoghurt has long been revered for its healthy qualities, including:

It contains high levels of calcium

Yoghurt is a calcium-rich food that can be incorporated into lots of different recipes, making it one of the most accessible sources of calcium for many people, including children. Calcium is an extremely important mineral and is needed for healthy teeth, bones and even muscle function, so making sure you have plenty in your diet is crucial.

It contains many essential vitamins and nutrients

In addition to having high levels of calcium, yoghurt, like many dairy products, is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. In particular, it offers high levels of vitamin B12, riboflavin, vitamin D, magnesium and potassium, which all have an integral role to play in keeping your body strong and healthy. It’s also full of protein, which helps your body build and repair muscle tissue, regulates your appetite and lowers your blood pressure.

It can help boost your digestive health

Another great benefit of yoghurt is that it can help your digestive system stay happy and healthy. You may have noticed that some types of yoghurt contains probiotics, which are strains of bacteria that have been linked to good digestive health. Some products don’t contain these, however, so it’s important to double-check.

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