Yoghurt is such a versatile ingredient! Not only is it used as a side for a piece of cake or with fruit for breakfast, but it also makes its way into a number of dishes that you might be surprised to hear about! Here we provide you with a few ideas to consider when cooking with yoghurt.


Indian cuisine is the food of kings. There’s nothing better than tucking into a takeaway curry when you’re watching a film with a loved one or going out to the local Indian restaurant with a gang for a delicious meal.

It’s notoriously hard to replicate the taste and consistency of curry at home and a big part of the flavour comes from the marinate. Often these marinades are made from a mixture of yoghurt and a variety of spices which you mix in with the meat and leave overnight in the fridge. You’ll also need some yoghurt to finish the dish off. If you’re vegan, you can go for a replacement yoghurt like coconut which will work well with the other Indian flavours.

As a Sauce

Staying in Asia, yoghurt is often used in a number of sauces in Middle Eastern cooking. Using just yoghurt, mayonnaise, olive oil, the juice of a lemon, garlic, herbs and a bit of seasoning you can create a delicious sauce for falafel or a fattoush salad.


As well we being an integral part of deserts like trifles, yoghurt can also be used as a core ingredient in making cakes, panna cottas and cheesecakes.

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