So, don’t tell us. You love your morning cereal and think we are completely mad for suggesting you do away with it? It’s the best meal of the day, not to mention cost-effective! Well, to start, let’s be clear we are not advising you get up half an hour earlier just to fix a gourmet breakfast. However, you owe it to yourself to fuel your body and enjoy some semblance of a morning ritual. We are all occasionally guilty for popping out of bed at the last minute and eating my breakfast on the way to work.

However, it’s great to try and get into the habit of eating a morning meal with these simple breakfast ideas which are designed to fill the appetite of even the most habitual breakfast-skipper. These tasty and filling breakfast ideas will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of a delicious and interesting breakfast.

Avocado toasted muffin with shaved ham and spinach

Enjoy a fun twist on the classic smashed avocado on toast, with this speedy ten-minute breakfast. Firstly you’ll need to toast your English muffin and slice it open. Next up, smash some avocado in a bowl with some salt, pepper, fresh lemon or lime juice and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Once you’ve done this, wilt some spinach in a pan with some minced garlic and set to one side. Spread the avocado on the muffins and put the spinach on top of this, then, top it off with some thick-cut sliced ham. This is nicely finished off with a splash of sriracha or hot sauce and makes a delicious and balanced meal which will set you up for the day. This one is also ideal for more of a savoury palette.

Buttered hot cross buns

Now, I know we said we would be steering clear of obvious breakfast options – but hot cross buns are often just seen as a seasonal breakfast option but the reality is you can purchase these all year round. You really can’t beat them with lashings of butter and even jam or marmalade complement the fruity flavour mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice. Even a bit of chocolate spread would be delicious on a hot cross bun. There is no need to overcomplicate this delicious breakfast so we’re not even going to recommend that you do!

Classic crumpets

The humble crumpet. You really can’t beat it. Autumn, spring, summer and winter this little beauty is an instant crowd-pleaser. One thing you may not have considered is that you can put almost anything on a crumpet. You go down the savoury route and put some grilled halloumi on there with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and some rocket. Or perhaps some simple runny poached eggs with cracked black pepper and a sprinkle of salt – simple but effective. If you’ve not got much fresh produce in, you could even opt for beans on crumpets with a sprinkle of cheese! Or if you fancy something sweet, how about peanut butter and sliced banana sprinkled with cinnamon? Or even sliced strawberries with creme fraiche and a drizzle of honey. The world is your oyster! (Or should we say crumpet.)

Pancakes with natural yoghurt and berry compote

Pancakes are often overlooked as a breakfast option as they can take a little longer to prepare and are perhaps seen as more of a very occasional, or just a weekend treat. However, what you may be overlooking is the fact that you can have premade pancakes and all you need to do is pop them in the toaster. One of our favourite pancake toppers is either a dollop of creme fraiche or Greek yoghurt, then topped with some fruit compote. You can make a basic and easy compote by defrosting some frozen berries in a strainer and just popping them on top of your pancakes. Top this off with a drizzle of maple syrup or honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds or mixed nuts for some added texture and protein.

A hearty veggie breakfast roll

A sandwich for breakfast is a pretty obvious choice for many but you really can’t go wrong with a roll. Whether you prefer a soft, white roll or like to opt for the wholemeal or granary option, you really can’t beat a good old fashioned breakfast bap for brekkie. To save you extra time in the morning and for a healthy and tasty meat-free option, you could pop some veggie sausages in the oven, these often take around fifteen to twenty minutes. Pop your sausages in a roll with your choice of sauce! Ketchup, brown sauce, mustard or even hot sauce are delicious paired with veggie sausages so dig in and enjoy a guilt-free breakfast!

Baked oats

Okay, so perhaps you are a porridge or overnight oats person. However, why not try baking your oats for a delicious warm breakfast option? Mix in a bowl of 40g plain porridge oats, 1 level tsp sweetener, 1 small egg, 100g fat-free natural yoghurt, few drops of vanilla essence and 100g raspberries. Bake for 20 minutes of 180 degrees and serve up with yoghurt and fresh fruit or simply enjoy on its own.

Smoothie bowl

This delicious recipe is full of antioxidants and tastes delicious! You can pretty much use any fruit to make one as well – great for using things up. In this recipe only need three ingredients, one blender, and 5 minutes. Just add frozen bananas and frozen mixed berries into a blender and blend on low (this is key!) until it looks creamy and smooth. Then add a little (not too much!) non-dairy milk of choice – coconut works well, and you can add a little protein powder if you fancy it. Blend some more on low, scraping down the sides until you have an almost sorbet consistency. Yes, a smoothie bowl is healthy ice cream and it’s so darn delicious. Hence the reason they now offer them in trendy cafes all over.

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