Fascinating Facts About Milk

Milk is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet for millions in the UK and billions worldwide. Whether it is consumed over cereal, added to a recipe or you have a glass before bed, there are plenty of ways to work this nutritious drinkable dairy into a routine. With an interesting history behind the agricultural product of milk, and countless cultures having different ideas about cows and dairy, here are an array of fascinating facts about milk. If you’re looking for a local dairy supplier stocking the nation’s most trusted milk companies, look no further than Freshways. Bulk buy milk, cheese and yoghurt at your convenience.

Continue reading to discover the origins of donkey milk, and the cultures that consider dairy to be sacred.

Cheese Can Be Made From Donkey Milk

Though It was thought impossible to make cheese from the milk of a donkey, Serbian cheesemonger Slobodan Simić found a complex way to make it. Selling his unique donkey milk cheese for just under £400 per pound, the batches are so expensive because the donkey milk liquid doesn’t contain enough casein to coagulate as regular milk would, but Simić has formed a long and complicated process to manufacture the cheese.

Milk Is Considered Sacred In Some Cultures

Centuries ago, ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and many other cultures worldwide looked at milk as a food of the gods and valued it highly for the benefits it yields. Hindus, who make up the majority of India’s population, still consider cows to be sacred animals, with milk used for religious purposes because of the purifying qualities it is believed to have.

A French Biologist Is The Reason We Can Safely Drink Milk

19th century biologist Louis Pasteur is the reason that the milk we drink today contains no harmful bacteria, and is therefore safe to consume. Pasteur applied his bacteria-killing technique to beer.originally, and decided to experiment by doing the same with milk. We now know this process as pasteurisation.

There Are A Long List Of Health Benefits From Drinking Milk

Of the health benefits provided by milk are important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and potassium, with the dairy beverage also offering a great source of protein. Drinking milk can even help to prevent osteoporosis and help you maintain a healthy weight, with many studies associating diets rich in calcium with a lower risk of obesity.

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