5 Tasty Sides To Serve With An Omelette

A quick and easy meal which provides crucial protein to assist weight-loss and muscle recovery, omelettes are a filling food to start the day with, or consume as a speedily prepared yet nutritious evening snack. Another appealing factor of omelettes comes from the fact that they can accompany almost any side-dish, be it a sweet treat or fried savoury snack. Freshways are one of the nation’s most trusted egg suppliers, providing bulk eggs, dairy products, baked goods and much much more. For all of your wholesale needs, you can trust us for everyday brands and locally sourced organic produce.

Continue reading to find out our picks for some of the most delicious side dishes which can compliment an omelette.

Side Salad

For the health-conscious among us, there are few better foods to garnish a meal than the side salad. Usually containing lettuce, spinach, cucumber and tomato, don’t be afraid to get creative with sweetcorn, peppers, carrots and other veggie favourites. An overall healthy and balanced meal, the omelette and side salad combination is ideal to take with you to work as an energising mid-day meal.

Hash Browns

Hash browns may not be the first food that comes to mind as an omelette accompaniment, but as a breakfast to boost you through the day, this combo will satisfy the entire family. Easy to prepare and best served with chopped vegetables and sauce, hash browns are far from the healthiest snack to pair with an omelette, but we all deserve a treat every once in a while.


All sorts of fruit can be served alongside an omelette for a sweet yet healthy addition to your day. Berries are preferable, with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries all contrasting the golden crispy omelette batter well. Banana and cinnamon is another option, while a drizzle of honey and natural yoghurt can satisfy sugar cravings in no time.


Serve melted cheese as an omelette filling or slice cheddar into chunks as a side for your omelette. Red Leicester, brie, and stilton are all recommended as alternatives. Slices of tomato and vinegar can complete this indulgent combination which is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Fresh, locally sourced cheese is ideal.

Lunch Meats

For that extra hit of protein, lunch meats can accompany a cheese omelette well. You can serve a variety of lunch meats on a platter for choice, or garnish a dish with it on the side. Ham and chorizo are our picks, but you can mix and match with sausages and smoked meat.

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