5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Yogurt

By now you likely know how beneficial yogurt is for your body. It’s just as good for your children, but if they’re not interested in eating yogurt, there are still ways to ensure the probiotic food gets eaten. It just takes a little ingenuity.

Fruit Dip

If your children love fruit, try giving them a fun way to dip their fruit slices in. You’ll need natural yogurt, some honey, and a few candy sprinkles. Swirl the honey into the yogurt until you have the desired sweetness. Add a few sprinkles on top for decoration and set out with some slices of fruit.

Alternatively, you can mix some chocolate syrup or honey and cinnamon for different flavours that you can enjoy with the fruit.


You can’t go wrong with a smoothie. Use yogurt in place of some of the milk, add in your child’s favourite fruit and a sweetener of choice and blend away. If it’s too thick, add some more milk or water.

Want to make it even healthier? Add spinach and cacao powder to make a “chocolate” shake. It will taste great, but packs in probiotics and greens.

Ice Lollies

Any of the smoothies you make with yogurt can easily be turned into an ice lolly. Just pour into a mould, add a stick and freeze. Your child will be excited to have ice lollies for their tea and you know they’re getting more nutrition.

Yogurt Drops

Tasty, frozen yogurt drops are a fun way to eat this treat. To make this, you’ll need thick yogurt, such as Greek yogurt, in your favourite flavour. Put it in a bag and cut off a corner, then squeeze drops of the yogurt onto parchment paper and place in the freezer. Once frozen, put the drops into an airtight container and keep frozen.

Another way to make frozen yogurt is to dip grapes or blueberries in the yogurt, then freeze.

Gelatine Yogurt

To make this fluffy treat, you’ll need to mix 175 ml boiling water with one package of flavoured gelatine. Blend until the gelatine is dissolved, then add 100 ml cold water about the same amount of ice cubes, along with 250 ml of plain yogurt. Mix well (you may wish to use the blender) until well blended. Pour into cups or a bowl and refrigerate until the mixture sets up.

Children may dislike the texture of yogurt, so these alternatives to simply eating it may help them embrace the healthy treat. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

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