Milk alternatives have been steadily rising in popularity for years now. But what milk is actually best for the environment? Read on to find out today.

Milk is used by nearly everyone around the world every single day. However, in recent years there has been a rise in milk based alternatives. While some use this due to being lactose intolerant or prefer the taste, one of the biggest factors in choosing a milk alternative is the impact on the environment.

So read on for a quick guide to what milk is best for the environment.

Cows Milk

Cow’s milk has one of the highest impacts on the environment compared to other plant-based alternatives. It causes way more greenhouse gas emissions, a ton of land and a lot of water.

Hazelnut Milk

If you’re looking for a milk alternative that is nutritious and tasty while also having a reduced impact on the environment, shop for hazelnut milk today. Hazelnuts pull carbon from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse emissions rather than increasing them. They are also pollinated by the wind and grow in moist climates.

Almond Milk

Almond milk requires more water to produce than any other dairy alternative. Almond farming also brings in a lot of bees to pollinate them, which commonly die by the end of the season due to the demand for almond crops.

Hemp & Flax Milk

While less popular and more niche than others on this list, hemp and flax milks are great choices if you’re environmentally conscious. They are grown in small, environmentally friendly quantities, while also being rich in protein.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk’s environmental impact is quite small, but the trouble with it is the locations it grows. As coconut trees only grow in tropical climates, there is a big demand for them and limited space to be able to grow them, leading to the destruction of areas of rainforest to make room.

Soy Milk

Probably one of the best choices when it comes to sustainability is soy milk. It has less of an impact than other milk alternatives, while also offering the closest protein content to dairy milk.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is the overall winner when looking for milk alternatives that are good for the environment. They’re grown in cooler climates that are not associated with deforestation and are rising in popularity around the world. Unlike other milk alternatives which are grown especially for the product, there is plenty of oats to go around already, meaning it isn’t impacting the environment to grow them.

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