Fresh, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Spring

It’s safe to say that many of us are looking forward to the new year after the turbulence of 2020. Spring is often associated with fresh starts, new beginnings and forming new habits, and this can cover everything from a work goal to your diet. While crash diets aren’t healthy or sustainable in the long term, if you’re looking to switch up your meals and be a little healthier in 2021, then breakfast is a great place to start.

Breakfast isn’t known as ‘the most important meal of the day’ for nothing. It’s vital to replenish glucose levels after ‘fasting’ overnight, and it also boosts your energy and helps you feel more alert. Starting the day with a balanced breakfast also provides your body with the important nutrients it needs and jumpstarts your metabolism.

Cereal and toast are breakfast classics, but they can get a little monotonous if those are your only options. With this in mind, read on for some of our favourite fresh and healthy breakfast ideas for spring – and here’s to a happy new year.

Banana muffins

Banana bread was one of the standout stars of 2020, so if you still can’t get enough of the stuff, try mixing things up with banana breakfast muffins. For a healthier take on traditional cake muffins, use wheat bran for added fibre and mashed apples to add sweetness. You could also add blueberries or dark chocolate chips for some extra indulgence.

Honey granola

You can find granola in most supermarkets but it’s more fun (and often healthier) to make your own. Granola is traditionally made from a mix of oats, nuts and fruit, and honey adds natural sweetness in place of refined sugar. To make your own, simply mix together oats, nuts of your choice (such as pecans, walnuts or almonds) and spices like cinnamon or cardamom. Mix together honey and a little coconut oil (enough to lightly coat the oat mixture), then add this to the oats and nuts.

Spread the mixture onto a tray and bake for around 25 to 30 minutes; if it’s too soft once it’s cooled then you may need to pop it back in. Granola can be mixed with anything you like, including dried banana or raisins, fresh fruit like blueberries or raspberries, and yoghurt.

Black bean wraps

This is more of a brunch than a breakfast, but it makes a great treat for the weekend or a morning when you’ve got more time to spare. Black beans are full of fibre and protein, making them a great meat alternative for vegans or vegetarians. Fry red onion and peppers with some paprika or chilli, then add the black beans to warm them through.

Add the mixture to wraps with sour cream or hummus, a squeeze of lime, coriander and feta cheese. You can also add avocado if you want something even more filling.

Banana oat smoothie

Smoothies are a great option for breakfast on the go and they can be just as filling as a cooked breakfast. Blitz banana and oats with some almond milk and nut butter (peanut, almond or any nut of your choice), for a delicious smoothie that will fill you up until lunch.

You can use frozen bananas, or add a few cubes of ice if the bananas are fresh. Flavour the smoothie with cinnamon, vanilla extract or any flavourings of your choice.

Vegan scramble

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast classic and you can still enjoy this dish if you’ve recently gone vegan. Firm tofu makes a great substitution for eggs and it can be scrambled in the same way. Scrambled tofu is delicious with turmeric and you can add some nutritional yeast flakes for a richer taste.

Serve on toast or mix with kale, spinach and red onion for a low carb, filling brunch meal.

Spring frittata

Frittatas are another delicious brunch or filling breakfast idea and leftovers can be served cold for lunch. Make the most of all the tasty spring vegetables in season, such as leeks, asparagus and spring greens. Simply gather the selection of vegetables that you want to use and cook until tender in a large, heavy bottomed pan (leave delicate veg like asparagus for later). Whisk eggs with milk, salt and pepper, then pour over the vegetable mix and add herbs or vegetables that are quick to cook (like the asparagus).

You can also grate in some cheese, or if you want to add some meat, fry bacon along with the sturdier vegetables at the start. Bake the frittata in the oven for around 10 to 12 minutes, or until fluffy and golden brown.

Chickpea breakfast bowl

This might sound like an odd choice for breakfast, but it will fill you up until lunch and it’s a great option for anyone who prefers a savoury breakfast. It’s also packed full of protein, which makes it perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or who doesn’t eat meat.

These breakfast bowls are similar to the popular vegetarian buddha bowls, but slightly lighter on ingredients for breakfast time. Simply use chickpeas as the base, then adapt ingredients based on your tastes. Flavour chickpeas with spices like cumin, chilli and garlic powder, or simmer them in tinned tomatoes for added flavour. If you want an extra filling bowl, add another grain like quinoa or black rice, or simply add fresh veg like shredded red cabbage, peppers, spinach, spring onions or sweetcorn. Crumbled feta cheese also pairs very well and top your bowl with fresh herbs like parsley or coriander.

Yoghurt pancakes

The addition of yoghurt creates fabulously fluffy pancakes and it adds an extra boost of calcium to your breakfast. Yoghurt pancakes can be made using self raising flour, caster sugar, semi skimmed milk, 1 egg and Greek-style yoghurt (there are plenty of recipes online like this one here).

Whisk ingredients together to create a smooth batter and then fry two spoonfuls of batter over a medium heat, flipping after one to two mins. These pancakes are delicious served with fresh fruit, extra Greek yoghurt, or a fruit compote.

Green shakshuka

Shakshuka is a traditional North African and Middle Eatsern dish made with baked eggs in a rich tomato sauce. The original is delicious as it is, but if you want to give it a spring twist, swap the tomatoes for a vibrant spring green sauce. Create the green base by frying onion and garlic, plus plenty of spinach leaves, broccoli and any other spring greens, such as asparagus or young cabbage.

Season and add a little milk to loosen the greens, then make wells in the mixture and crack an egg into each one. Place the pan in the oven and bake for 10 to 15 mins, or until the eggs are firm with a runny yolk.

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