There’s much joy to be found in the world of baked goods; from a cake shared over afternoon tea or for a special celebration, to a warm croissant or crisp baguettes consumed over breakfast with a cup of coffee. Some of us may choose to bake our own delicious treats, but for many, it’s likely that busy modern life means you simply don’t have the time to bake regularly. Luckily, this is where bakers come in; and they provide their services for a wide range of places, from chain supermarkets to local bakeries. The life of a baker can be hard work, with long hours and early starts, but it can also be intensely rewarding and creative. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a baker, then read on to find out more about some of their common daily tasks and duties.

Early starts

Life as a baker is hard work, with long days and a typical start time of around 5am. A high street bakery usually opens around 9am, so bakers need to be up bright and early to sanitise the kitchen area and begin mixing and preparing the days dough. Dough needs a few hours to prove so that it rises sufficiently, so early starts are a must to make sure all the products are fresh and ready on time.

Weighing and measuring

As you might imagine, a large portion of the day is spent weighing and measuring ingredients for the day’s bakes. Baking is one area of cookery where accuracy is important; too much or too little of one ingredient can drastically alter bakes and cause bread or cakes not to rise. Even smaller bakeries bake products in large batches, so a lot of time will be spent prepping ingredients such as grated cheese for scones, mixing fillings or glazing pastries.

Taking orders

Many bakeries take custom orders, covering everything from wedding cakes, to pastries for an office breakfast meeting. Orders like wedding cakes are likely to have been made months in advance, but other orders may come in on the day, so multitasking and time management are very important when working in a bakery.

Testing new recipes

One of the highlights of working in a bakery is the chance to get creative and try out new recipes or develop your own. Bakers will spend a lot of time tweaking recipes until they get a method they’re completely happy with, and taste testing the products is always a plus!

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