Why You Should Separate Your Eggs

Separating your eggs is often called for in recipes, but you should consider separating them even when it’s not required. Prepare to learn why this is so helpful when you’re cooking.

How to Separate Your Eggs

Separating eggs is simply dividing the egg into the white and the yolk. When it comes to baking or cooking, the yolk is heavier and the white tends to be lighter. You can easily beat the egg white to make it fluffy, which means it’s ideal for many dishes.

There are many devices available to separate the yolk from the egg, but the simplest method is to break the egg into your hand. Spread your fingers slightly to allow the white to slip through, without the yolk. You must avoid breaking the yolk, as the whites will not whip up with even a small bit of the yolk.

Another option is to tip the egg yolk from one shell half to the other, allowing the white to fall into a bowl. You may also break the eggs into a shallow dish and use a bottle or baster to suck the yolk up to deposit it into another bowl.

Why You Should Separate Eggs

The two parts of an egg are very different and this means they can be used differently. The yolk is where the cholesterol is, so making a dish with only the whites will drop the cholesterol levels. The yolks also add richness and moisture to baked goods.

Egg whites are excellent for creating an aerated batter and making your dishes fluffier. However, if you use the entire egg, it works well to bind all the other ingredients into one solid form.

How to Use Eggs When Separated

Many regular dishes may be elevated when you use eggs separated. For example, a simple pancake recipe may be upgraded by beating the egg whites and folding them into the batter. The resulting pancakes are extra fluffy, thanks to the additional air built into the pancakes.

Likewise, flan and custards work best with more egg yolk to enhance the richness and the smoothness of the dessert. Yolks may also be used to make a denser crumb in bread or cake, while using the entire egg with the whites beaten and added will tend to create a lighter crumb.

If you need to use just one part of the egg, such as the whites in an egg white omelette, try saving the rest of the egg to use in another part. Flan makes use of the yolks, while meringue needs whites.

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