Top Summer Food and Drink Trends for 2022

Summer is a heavily anticipated season for many people across the world. Whether you’ll be sipping a refreshing cocktail by the beach in the blazing sun, or nibbling on smoked cheese and ham sandwiches at a picnic, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this summer.

At Freshways, we are particularly excited to explore the summer food and drink trends.

Here are a few of our predictions for the top food and drink trends for summer 2022.

Iced Coffee

Although iced coffee might not be a new trend, it is certainly one that finds itself reappearing in the top summer trends every single year. Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the evolution of the viral whipped iced coffee trends on Tiktok, we think that iced coffee is ready to make a comeback this summer.

Tiktok has been a major source of inspiration for coffee trends and will continue to do so, transforming the traditional iced coffee into a new and exciting caffeine drink.

Coffee lovers have also been using oat milk as an alternative to cow’s milk because of its rich nutrients.

We find that the best way to make iced coffee is to brew your coffee first, add in hot water, top with ice and fresh milk sourced from Freshways and enjoy!


Smoothies are the perfect summer drink – they are refreshing, tasty, and packed with fruit and vegetables which helps to keep you hydrated during those hot summer days.

Fruit and vegetables contain large amounts of water, so smoothies are a great way to replenish the loss of water in your body during the summer.

These are a few smoothie trends set to sky-rocket in the coming months:

1.   Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls have exploded in popularity on social media recently. They are thicker than a drinkable smoothie and are often topped with chopped nuts, fresh fruit and granola.

Due to their instagrammable nature and health benefits, they are only continuing to soar in popularity.

2.   Indulgent Smoothies

Smoothies often have a health association, but indulgent smoothies have been also appearing in many cafe’s, with an introduction of sweet flavours like cookies and cream.

3.   Alcoholic Smoothies

Not to be confused with cocktails, alcoholic smoothies use the traditional texture and fruity flavours of a traditional cocktail but with an added alcoholic kick.

A great alcoholic smoothie to try this summer is a traditional citrus smoothie with a small splash of tequila.

Ice Cream

While ice cream remains one of the most popular desserts in the UK every year, the market is continuously expanding and the traditional ice cream van has long since evolved into brightly lit ice cream parlours and colourful cafes.

While you can’t beat the nostalgia of buying a 99p Mr Whippy from your local ice cream van, these are some of the best ice cream parlours that we think will take social media by storm in 2022:

1.   Milk Train – London

Home to the UK’s first candy floss ice cream cones, candy floss milkshakes and ice cream pints, Milk Train is an aesthetically pleasing instagrammable ice cream parlour located in Covent Garden, London. The parlour is in the style of a train, with the customers being the passengers.

Customers can create their own ice cream and milkshakes by swirling the creamy ice cream base with different mix-ins.

2.   Snowflake Gelato

Also located in London, Snowflake Gelato is a luxury dessert shop which sells handcrafted gelato made from raw organic Jersey milk.

The dessert shop also offers a variety of gelato kits with different themes (movie night, garden party, etc) which can serve up to eight people.

Not only does Snowflake Gelato offer over 50 handmade gelato flavours, but their gelato kits also provide a social aspect, with friends sharing the dessert together. We think this will be a popular location for people to socialise and enjoy fresh gelato.

3.   Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

Founded in 2010 in Manchester, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium offers a range of whacky flavoured ice cream in a variety of ways: in a toasted brioche, with hot puddings, or in a milkshake.

Some of their bonkers flavours include ‘Marmalade on Toast’ , ‘Olive Oil and Sea Salt’ , and ‘Chorlton Crack’ – salted caramel peanut butter.


After two years of being trapped inside during Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, 2022 is set to be the social season in which picnics and garden parties will be held all summer long.

The most important part of a picnic is the food and drink so it is beneficial to stay up to date with the top food and drink trends of summer 2022 to ensure that your picnic is a success.

Here are some food and drink trends that we think will make your picnic a roaring success this summer:

1.   Cheese

How could you have a picnic without cheese? Cheese is the ideal snack for a picnic and can be served in a variety of ways. You could use it in sandwiches or dishes, or simply chop it up and eat it as it is.

Creamy camembert or brie are both popular choices of cheese for picnics.

At Freshways, we offer a range of high-quality dairy products, with a wide selection of wholesale cheeses including Californian Monterey Jack Cheese, Wensleydale Farmhouse, Danish Blue and Brie – all of which would be ideal cheeses for your picnic.

2.   Yoghurt

Yoghurt is an easy and refreshing snack which is perfect for your picnic. A common trend circulating Tiktok involves freeing the yoghurt, so that it comes ‘frozen yoghurt’ – a dessert popular in several different countries.

Here at Freshways, we supply delicious, natural yoghurt, and stock some of the nations favourite brands, including Muller, Yeo Valley, Onken and Activia.


After two years of at home drinking, the pandemic has massively changed how we drink. Here are some changes that we expect to be made in the cocktail industry:

1.   Convenience

After clubs and bars were shut for almost two years, we have had to get used to bottled cocktails-to-go. This has led to an increased need for convenience when it comes to drinking.

The cocktail industry has had to adapt to this new need for convenience by ensuring that almost every cocktail you can think of is available in a can or bottle.

2.   Punch Bowl

This is a trend which took the app TikTok by storm. It involves mixing a variety of different alcohol and juice in a large bucket or bowl and topping with sliced fruit. The idea is that it saves everyone having to make their own drinks and instead can allow guests to easily scoop up a glassful of the punch.

Nostalgic Foods

It’s no surprise that after dealing with the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic that people want to revert back to the familiarity and comfort of nostalgic foods that they used to eat when they were younger. Here are some examples:


1.   Tinned Spaghetti

Tinned Spaghetti has been a convenient family favourite food for many families in Britain throughout the years. This summer, it’s set to make a comeback following the nostalgic foods trends.

2.   Knickerbocker Glory

The elaborate ice cream sundae dessert served in a large glass has grown in popularity again as nostalgic foods begin to trend. On Waitrose’s website, searches of Knickerbocker glory were up 171%, the retailer reported.

3.   Souffle

A Souffle is a baked egg-based dish originating in France in the early 18th century.

This vintage dessert has become popular again on TikTok, with users videoing themselves creating the adored dessert.


Milkshakes are a growing 2022 drink trend and are showing no signs of slowing down. Much like ice creams, dessert shops have capitalised on milkshakes, transforming them from the traditional strawberry, chocolate or banana shake, to artistic creations and ‘freak-shakes.’

Despite traditional milkshakes already being a point of concern for health professionals, the creation of the high-calorie, mega milkshake ‘freakshake’ has sparked even more concern over its potential health risks.

However, freakshakes show no signs of declining in popularity, and social media is swarming with pictures of them.

The cakes and candies sitting atop mugs filled with milkshake syrups look to remain a popular trend this summer.



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