It is no secret that Britain is prone to a few heatwaves, and whilst we bask in the sun and top up our tans – it can be difficult to navigate when to put your children in the sun and when to keep them out. Sun exposure can help boost your child’s vitamin D levels – contributing to keeping their bones, teeth and muscles healthy. However, too much sun can also contribute to sunburn, fatigue, sunstroke and other health complications. This is why it is imperative to keep your children cool in the heat. And below, we have come up with a few ideas:

Create Fruity Water-Based Mocktails

No matter the time of year, we all need to make a concerted effort to stay hydrated, as it is integral to living a healthy life. Yet, this is especially the case when it is hot. However, water will seem dull in comparison to carbonated sugary drinks, so to entice your children to drink more water – why not make a delicious fruity water-based mocktail? Simply adding a range of fruits like strawberries, lemons, oranges, and apples to jugs of water will create a taste sensation. Or, purchase a range of cordials and squashes to create a tasty treat that won’t give your children sugar highs.

Create a Shaded Area

It is important that you encourage your children to play outside, as it can help develop their motor coordination and gives them some much needed fresh air. However, to avoid risks of sunburn and sunstroke, make sure to create a shaded area where they can chill outside but also escape the sun’s glaring rays.

What’s more, to encourage your children to stay in the shade, why not compose a range of games and activities within the shaded den? This could include reading books, puzzles, soft toys, a paddling pool, board games and arts and crafts.

Install Fans and Temporary Air Conditioning Units to Nurseries

It’s not surprising that during the heat, our sleep can suffer. Many sleep experts recommend sleeping in a cool room because it initiates our natural rest and relaxation responses. And during the hot weather, this is interrupted. Although it may be a costly investment to add air conditioning to your home – installing portable fans and temporary air conditioning units to your child’s bedroom or nursery will help cool them down whilst they sleep.

Create Homemade Icecream and Ice Lollies

Creating homemade icecream and ice lollies is a great activity to share with your little ones and a delicious cold treat is an end result! You can create homemade ice cream using a mixture of whole milk and heavy cream then flavoured with whatever you desire – whether you want to add chunks of frozen fruit or crunchy granola. You can also easily make healthier frozen yoghurt by swapping the milk for a full-fat natural yoghurt.

If your children are craving something more refreshing – then purchase an inexpensive lolly mould and pour in your child’s favourite fruit juices. Once frozen overnight, these healthy lollies will be a healthier tasty treat and can be easily made.

Here at Freshways, we have just the right ingredients to create both homemade ice cream, frozen yoghurt and ice lollies – including delicious milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit juice at great prices. Our wholesale supplies can be stocked at a range of leading supermarkets and brands, ordered by schools and catering companies. To find out more, simply contact us today.