If you are thinking of starting a business or are just looking for a new supplier, choosing where to get your products from is vitally important – it can make or break your viability as a business. As you can doubtlessly imagine, the vast majority of businesses selling grocery items don’t make or sell their own items. Wholesalers are companies that are a super source of merchandise that can serve you just as you start out, to all the way when you’re a multi-billion transnational. As your company hopefully gets bigger and more successful, wholesalers are adaptable enough to help you with this evolution.

If you haven’t ordered wholesale before here are the benefits of going wholesale with your grocery items:

What Does Wholesale Mean?

Purchasing retail and wholesale are very different from each other. When you buy groceries from a wholesaler, you’re purchasing from what is effectively the middleman between your shop and the farm or factory that is producing the groceries. Buying wholesale is purchasing in large quantities so that you pay a smaller price that is discounted because of its size. You as the retailer can then sell these products at your own shop at a higher price which leaves you a tidy profit. This higher price is called the retail price and it’s what your customer will pay.

The gap between the wholesale price and the retail price is called the margin and it is effectively your profit. You and your competitors can use different pricing strategies to make money and place yourself so that you maximise your profit. When you have done this you are able to work out your gross profit.

Cost Effective Benefits Of Wholesale Food

The biggest benefit of purchasing wholesale rather than retail is that the savings your business can get for buying in bulk. In fact, many of the wholesalers increase their discounts when a customer’s (you) orders begin to grow. Wholesalers are willing to do this as they can afford to give bigger discounts as they will then have to spend less on handling for packing materials as well as expired or spoiled groceries. For example, a company can be less keen to sell one box of hen’s eggs each day for less than a particular amount, thus it would be satisfied with selling a thousand and more boxes of eggs. Therefore both you and the wholesaler (and your customers!) could reap the benefits of this arrangement.

A problem with this arrangement, however, is that if you are a small business you might find it challenging to find space to store large amounts of groceries, which is what you need to do to get the biggest discounts. Another problem is that many groceries can perish quite soon which means that you wouldn’t be able to store the groceries for a significant amount of time – especially if you fail to sell as much merchandise as you intended. Having sufficient capital to buy in bulk is also an issue that can be problematic, especially if you are a small business or just starting out. The biggest discounts can only be earned with the largest amounts so it is tempting for a business owner to buy more than he or she can afford.

Immediate Availability Benefit Of Wholesale Food Suppliers

The other primary benefit of using a wholesaler for your groceries is the immediate availability benefit. A wholesaler is a streamlined machine that specialises in providing other companies and organisations groceries fast. By having an existing relationship with a wholesale supplier means that if you do suddenly need extra grocery supplies (if for example you unexpectedly sell out during a peak in demand or stock gets misplaced), you can quickly arrange for more to be delivered. Most wholesalers provide their own transport and delivery services in place which means that you can get very prompt delivery in times of need without having to organise it yourself (a small business is unlikely to have the spare manpower to get find a suitably cooled lorry and take the time to collect groceries).

Simplified Business Process

Operating your company can be hectic and complicated, so being able to simply and efficiently order and reorder groceries from the same supplier that you can trust can make your life a lot easier. By making the process streamlined and trouble-free, you can concentrate on other parts of your business.


When selling groceries with your business, being able to rely on the quality of your goods is key. Quality control is especially important when it comes to consumables and a product that can potentially rot. Having a wholesaler that specialises in the production and transport of groceries means that you can rely on them for the quality of the product as well as efficient delivery.


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