How to Add More Yoghurt into Your Diet: Suggestions Top Yoghurt Suppliers

Fruity, creamy, chocolatey or natural, yoghurt comes in so many varieties. If you’re looking to add a little more yoghurt into your diet, but you’re bored of eating it straight from the pot, you’ll be glad to know what there are plenty of tasty recipes you can try.

Here are some top suggestions for adding more yoghurt in tp your diet.

Smoothies and shakes

Instead of using fruit juice or milk, why not use yoghurt as the base for healthy smoothies and shakes? Natural yoghurt is healthy and tastes delicious with fresh fruit and oats for a refreshing breakfast or snack throughout the day. Since yoghurt is a little thicker in consistency than other smoothie ingredients, smoothies and shakes are a filling way of incorporating it into your diet.


Yoghurt can also be used as a topping. Whether you add it on top of your granola or with fruit, it gives that little extra sweetness to the meal. It’s also a great alternative to ice cream or cream if you’re looking for a healthier topping.

Breakfast bowls

Pour your favourite yoghurt into a bowl, add whatever you fancy and you’ve got an easy, quick breakfast. As long as you keep it chilled overnight, you can even prepare a yoghurt breakfast bowl and take it to work with you. Breakfast bowl can be filled with a whole lot of healthy ingredients to start your day the right way, but if you want to treat yourself adding a little honey to the yoghurt is great too!


Plain yoghurt can be used in sauces, especially for fans of creamy pasta dishes. The refreshing and creamy base can be used in many different ways such as side dips, in curry sauces and more.

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