We all love a good salad. Delicious and fresh vegetables mixed with a simple dressing or a

vinaigrette is sometimes all you fancy. However, there are certain occasions where you want a little something extra added to the mix, you want a salad with a bit more substance. With this in mind, cheese is often the perfect addition to a summer salad if you don’t fancy meat or want something a little lighter. Here, we have collated some of our favourite cheeses to add to your salads.

Goats Cheese and Feta

Goats cheese in an absolute classic for a fresh summery salad and something you will often see on a menu and paired with fresh beetroot, mint and crisp apple. Moreover, you might not realise it but feta is made primarily from sheep’s milk in eastern Europe and the Mideast. This milk tastes slightly more tangy than cow’s milk, and the cheeses itself is very tangy and salty too. Be sure to pick one that’s not quite as soft and opt for a quality feta cheese that can be crumbled. Feta is synonymous with the classic Greek salad, which consists of olives, cucumber, red onion, tomato, pepper and lashings of oil, vinegar and oregano.

Blue Cheese

Lots of people love the combination of blue cheese and salad, people love to crumble it over a fresh salad similar to feta. Purchase a good quality blue cheese, pair it with fresh leaves, walnuts, sliced pear and a splash of cider vinegar – enjoying the contrast to these sharp flavours of the blue cheese’s natural creaminess. Blue cheese is also a perfect pairing with crispy bacon, which is why it’s a crucial ingredient in a steakhouse classic Cobb salad.

Cheddar Cheese

Lots of us might not consider the classic cheddar cheese as a salad ingredient, however, it makes its way into plenty of classic salad and pasta salad recipes. As well as this, consider a classic Ploughman’s salad. Throw together little gem lettuce, diced apple, pickled onion, red onion, tomato, cucumber and chunks of cheddar cheese. Serve with crusty bread for a perfect, hearty, summer lunch.


Mozzarella cheese is also a perfect choice for salads, it has a creamy mild flavour which makes it highly versatile in lots of salad dishes. It is the core ingredient of a traditional Caprese salad, mixed with fresh basil, sliced tomato and a drizzle of olive oil or balsamic. This is a perfect summer dish and would make an excellent starter or side dish.

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