Alternative Uses For Apple Juice

A family favourite in many homes, apple juice maintains a perfect balance between tangy fruitiness, and refreshing but not overwhelmingly sweet flavours. For those times when you want an alternative to a glass of juice, there are many creative ways you can make use of what you have left over, from savoury recipes to the perfect chilled accompaniment to a cocktail night. Freshways stock the nation’s favourite juice companies, from Tropicana and Johnsons to Naked and Sun Magic, if you need wholesale apple juice or fresh dairy products, we have you covered with the best locally sourced items.

Continue reading to discover some interesting ways you can make the most of apple juice.

As A Substitute For Alcohol When Cooking

If you need to use alcohol for a recipe when whipping up a storm in the kitchen, there are few better alternatives to use than apple juice. When a recipe requires white wine, using apple juice can save the day if you’re running low on the recommended ingredient. Depending on the brand, juice may prove sweeter than white wine, so adding vinegar or lemon juice in addition can balance this out well.

Jellies And Jams

Home-made jellies and jams can prove to be delicious, and make for a fun activity with the kids. Boiling apple juice in a saucepan is a good place to start, eventually reducing it to a simmer and stirring until it has thickened to a glaze. Adding honey and sugar for flavour, your makeshift jam or jelly can be used in sandwiches, cakes and all sorts of inventive recipes.

Fruity Ice Cubes

A favourite in cocktails or just as tasty within a children’s drink on a hot summer’s day, juice ice cubes are incredibly easy to make. If you enjoy apple juice ice cubes then consider branching out to other flavours, perhaps you could make a range of juice ice cubes and try them all out within drinks to find that killer combination? Simply fill an ice tray with juice, freeze it, and use the juice cubes for your intended purpose.

Apple Gravy

One for the adventurous foodies, apple gravy is a perfect accompaniment to turkey, pork chops or drizzled over a Sunday roast. There are plenty of recipes online, with many utilising spare apple juice as an important component. Even out the recipe to get that texture just right for a mouth-watering alternative to traditional gravy.

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