Cream is a dairy product made up of the higher-fat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization (the process which emulsifies the fat droplets from the milk). Milk’s heavier counterpart has so many different uses in cooking; from adding creamy richness to pasta sauces, to decorating a cake or topping a freshly baked scone. While cream can be very versatile, there are several different types, and one may work very well in one recipe but be disastrous in another.

The percentage of fat content is the main property separating the different types of cream, with  heavy, dense clotted cream at the top in terms of fat, and runnier single cream at the bottom. If you’d like to know more about the four main types of cream and their uses, then read on for our brief guide.

Single cream

This is the lightest and thinnest type of cream, with a fat content of around 12 to 18%. It’s basically a richer version of milk and can be easily poured into coffee or over desserts like apple pie or sticky toffee pudding. Single cream will not whip however, and will curdle when boiled, so you cannot substitute it for double or whipping cream.

Double cream

Double cream is much thicker and richer, with a fat content of around 48%. It can also be poured over desserts, or whipped to a thicker consistency for piping or decorating cakes. Double cream is also delicious in savoury dishes such as risotto, creamy pasta sauces or soups.

Whipping cream

This cream sits somewhere in between double and single varieties, with a fat content of around 36%. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for whipping into a thick, stiff consistency which can then be used to top cakes, ice cream or any other dessert.

Clotted cream

This is the heaviest, richest cream, with a fat content of 55%. It’s made by heat treating double cream and baking it until a crust forms on the surface. Clotted cream is traditionally served with scones and jam as part of a classic afternoon tea.

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