What dairy products do you offer at Freshways?

Freshways supply a range of fresh dairy products, including milk, cream, yoghurt, butter and cheese. In fact, we are one of the largest independent dairy suppliers in London and across the UK, providing customers with high-quality produce at competitive prices. Browse our full produce range here.

What are the benefits of working with a dairy supplier?

When working with an independent dairy supplier like Freshways, clients are guaranteed to benefit from first-rate service from a personable, family-run business, as well as fresh, top-quality products at highly competitive prices. You can also be safe in the knowledge that, by supporting an independent business, you are doing your part to practise sustainability in your fresh produce supply.

Why should you choose organic milk over non-organic milk?

Choosing organic milk over non-organic is a great decision for a number of reasons. Not only does it have a longer shelf life than regular milk, but it also contains around 50% more Omega 3 fatty acids. What’s more, organic milk comes from drug-free, open pasture cows, the result of which leads to higher quality, more nutrient rich milk.

What are the different milk alternatives offered at Freshways?

Freshways stocks a wide range of milk alternatives for those with specific dietary requirements or lifestyle choices. Our milk alternatives include soy milk, butter milk and Oatly oat drink in organic, barista and chocolate variations.

What different types of cream are offered by cream suppliers?

Freshways are the UK’s leading suppliers of cream, providing thousands of businesses with delicious cream at wholesale prices. Our selection of cream includes the following:

  • Single cream
  • Double cream
  • Clotted cream
  • Soured cream
  • Crème fraîche
  • Whipping cream
  • UHT cream

We also supply popular UK cream brands, including Elmlea, Roddas and Jersey.

What are the different types of eggs offered by egg suppliers?

Whether you are looking for fresh wholesale eggs, free range and organic eggs, boiled shelled eggs or liquid eggs, Freshways supplies a comprehensive range of egg products to suit a wide range of commercial clients.

How do I place my Greek yoghurt bulk order?

Ordering with Freshways is simple and convenient. Either give us a call on 0208 746 2046 (for next day delivery, call us before 4pm), or order online via the portal.

What different types of flavoured yoghurt do you offer?

Freshways stock a number of delicious flavoured yoghurts in bulk quantities for commercial clients across the UK. Some of our flavours include strawberry, raspberry, Greek honey, organic mango and vanilla, stirred peach and mixed fruits. We also supply popular yoghurt brands, including Muller, Peuplier and Petit Filous.

How do I place my wholesale cheese order?

Ordering with Freshways is simple and convenient. Either give us a call on 0208 746 2046 (for next day delivery, call us before 4pm), or order online via the portal.

What brands of cheese products do you offer?

Freshways offers an extensive range of high-quality wholesale cheese, many of which are manufactured by popular brands such as Applewood, Babybell, Philadelphia, Alpine and Croxton Manor. Whether you are looking for block cheese, grated cheese or sliced cheese, we offer a wide selection of cheeses that are available to buy in bulk.

What different butters and spreads do you offer?

Freshways offer a great selection of delicious butters and spreads, including salted and unsalted butter, soft spread, sunflower spread, jam, marmalade and honey.

What are the benefits of organic butter?

Organic butter is a great option as it is more nutritionally dense and contains a higher proportion of healthy, unsaturated fats than non-organic butter. On top of this, it contains Vitamin K2 – a form of Vitamin K that plays an important role in your bone and heart health.

Do you offer bread delivery?

Yes, Freshways can provide quick and reliable delivery on bakery items such as bread. To place your order, give us a call on 0208 746 2046 (for next day delivery, call us before 4pm), or order online via the portal.

How can a bread supplier benefit bakeries?

Choosing a reliable bread supplier like Freshways for your bakery means that you’ll never run short of bestselling products. If orders are placed with us before 4pm, you’ll also benefit from next day delivery. Plus, you can be rest assured that with Freshways, you’ll always be receiving your bread stock for the best possible price.

What are the different juice products available at Freshways?

Freshways stocks a vast selection of tasty juice products at affordable prices for our varied clientele. Our supply includes products from reputable brands such as UHT, Johnson’s Tropicana, Naked and Copella, all of which are available for purchase in bulk.