It’s impossible to ignore the fact that we are living in extraordinary times, and the early days of Covid-19 saw shortages in supermarkets across the UK, from staple items like toilet paper, to tinned tomatoes. However, in recent weeks, there’s one humble baking staple that has been very hard to get hold of – flour.

As many more of us turn to lockdown hobbies such as baking or making bread, flour sales have shot up and many people have found that their supermarket shelves are cleared out of all baking flour varieties. Not to worry though, as there are many delicious recipes and baking methods that don’t use any flour at all, or a non wheat alternative. If you’d like to find out more, see below for just three of our favourite ways to bake without flour.

Use nuts instead

Ground nuts or nut butters make a surprisingly effective alternative to flour, and they’re packed with protein too. Ground almonds are one of the most popular choices and they work well in cookies, flapjacks and gluten-free cakes. Just be aware that nuts will add a stronger flavour, and the texture of your bake may be grainier compared to using regular flour.

Flour alternatives

If you can’t find standard plain or self raising flour, use one of the many wheat flour alternatives on the market. Spelt flour, rice flour or corn flour can all be used in place of standard white baking flours, or you could even use crushed biscuits or breadcrumbs in certain recipes

Add eggs

The majority of baking recipes already include eggs, but did you know that whisked eggs or egg white can also be used to replace flour? Try a classic flourless chocolate cake recipe for a light, fluffy cake that’s also gluten free, or this lemon cake which uses cannellini beans, ground almonds and four eggs.

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