Bread is a staple food in most people’s cupboards whether you enjoy white bread, wholemeal or granary. As a great source of fibre, toast is just one tasty option for breakfast or lunch but instead of simply adding your favourite spread, why not try something new?

Here are three delicious recipes for you to try.

Fruity toast

Perfect for getting in some of your 5 a day, fruity bread can add a little sweetness to your mornings. The first option starts with toasting your bread then choosing a spread – peanut butter or cream cheese taste great with fruit. Next, slice up your fruit such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries or kiwi and enjoy! The second option is french toast with fruit, so dip your bread into a bowl of whisked eggs before placing it in a hot pan until golden brown. Your bread will turn beautifully fluffy and you can top with fruit, honey or a little chocolate spread.

Avocado, tomato and feta toast

More of a savoury lover? Avocado on toast has become one of the most popular toast options, but you can put a twist on things by adding a few more ingredients. After toasting your bread, smash your avocado over the bread then add some sliced grape or cherry tomatoes, as well as feta cheese. Season with salt and pepper, or chilli flakes if you like spice and you’re done!

Posh cheese on toast

Instead of opting for cheese on toast (which is still tasty) by adding some extra ingredients, you can create posh cheese on toast. You can add almost anything you fancy and it’s a great way of using up all the odd bits from your fridge. Try slicing up bacon, red onion and chive and don’t forget to season!

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