Three Curry Dishes That Work Well with Yoghurt and Cream

Indian cuisine is known to be one of the most popular cuisines in the world, with a whole host of different choices varying in taste and spice. The use of cream and yoghurt can help to deliver balance to a curry dish, adding flavour whilst simultaneously mellowing the heat of the dish. At Freshways, we are a dairy supplier who believes that the addition of yoghurt and cream can embellish almost any curry dish.

We have recommended just three curry dishes for you to try which incorporates yoghurt and cream! Quick chef’s tip before we dive into the recipes: cream and yoghurt can curdle easily, so ensure that the heat is low when adding them!

Creamy Chicken Korma

Perfect for those who aren’t so great with handling their spice, this dish is mild yet rich with cream and oozing with flavour. Alternatively, if you are looking for a dish with too many calories, then you can opt for a healthier option by including fat-free Greek yoghurt instead. At Freshway, we pride ourselves on being the best yoghurt and fresh cream supplier, ensuring that you are only provided with the freshest dairy products. Offering our own homemade cream, you can be assured that you’re cooking the curry with only the best produce!

Mild Chicken Curry

Whilst this dish also holds back on the spice, it is undeniable that this dish packs a punch when it comes to flavour. Incorporating a rich yoghurt sauce into this mildly-spiced curry means that both adults and children will be fighting over the poppadoms and naan bread to finish this dish!

Doi Murgi

This dish might best be described as top-tier comfort food; chicken thighs coated in different spices slowly braised and topped with creamy yoghurt. Chillies can be added as the perfect touch to give the dish a little bit of crunch. This dish is most popular in Bangladesh and can be characterised by how well the yoghurt complements the rest of the dish. The yoghurt amplifies the delicious creaminess of the dish and is a perfect way to negate the extra spice of the chilli. Considering that the dish is so rich and creamy, this would best be served with boiled rice and a wedge of lime.

If you are convinced that adding yoghurt or cream to your curry dishes would be a great addition to your culinary repertoire, why not have a look at our choice of dairy products? Whether you need fresh cream, yoghurt, cheese or milk, we have got you covered. As well as supplying our own home-branded dairy products, we supply a range of products from products such as Muller and Yeo Valley too. With over thirty years of experience, we pride ourselves on ensuring you are being provided with the highest quality products on the market. To find out more about the services we offer, get in contact with us.