The variety of dairy products available nowadays is huge; from exotic cheeses and flavoured yoghurts to milk from cows, goats or sheep. Most people are aware that eating dairy is one of the best ways to get enough calcium, but there are plenty of other health benefits that come from eating dairy products.

Eating a balanced diet is important at any age, but getting enough of the minerals and vitamins provided by dairy products can be especially crucial for growing children or the elderly. Dairy is important to develop strong teeth and bones, amongst many other things, so read on to learn about some of the important health benefits of dairy products.

Strong teeth and bones

The calcium and vitamin D found in dairy products are essential in order to build strong bones and teeth, especially for growing children and the elderly. Calcium supports the structure of bones and teeth, while vitamin D helps the calcium be absorbed. Three servings of low-fat dairy a day are recommended in order to keep bones healthy and strong.

A good source of protein

Dairy products contain two types of protein; whey and casein, both of which are important to build and repair muscle tissue, help strengthen bones and boost your metabolism. Dairy products are an effective source of protein, and they can be particularly useful for vegetarians who won’t be getting their protein by eating meat or fish.

Lower risk of Type 2 diabetes

Evidence suggests that consuming a healthy amount of dairy can lower the risk of obesity and some associated problems with it, such as Type 2 diabetes. It doesn’t have to be low-fat dairy either, as long as you’re not consuming too much, portions of full-fat dairy can lead to less belly fat, improved insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation.

Lower blood pressure

One study found that those who consumed a high amount of low fat dairy items were 54% less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, compared to those with the lowest intake of low-fat dairy products. Minerals found in dairy such as calcium, potassium and magnesium all play a role in keeping blood pressure lower, too. Potassium is particularly effective; and helps regulate fluid and mineral balance in the body, which in turn keeps blood pressure regulated.

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