Summers has arrived and we are getting our tummies for all things summery, tasty and cool. Lots of us tend to complain about having upset stomachs or even indigestion throughout these balmy, hot months. According to nutrients, you should try and attempt to eat a good hearty breakfast to set you up for the day. Summers come packed with a variety of tasty fruits and vegetables and there are a whole variety of dishes you can incorporate them into. You can even make your mornings much fun with all the tasty, seasonal goodness.

Whether you are to make these recipes at home or implementing them at an establishment you work in such as a cafe, hotel or B&B,  If you do regularly eat breakfast, try making one of these instead of your standard go-to option. Each is a healthy, hearty, minimally processed breakfast that is easy to make. They’re certainly worth getting out of bed for.

Avocado toast

First up: avocado toast, this is now a seasoned trendy classic in cafes and hotels. Honestly just so simple and so tasty and you can tailor it to how you want it and be truly satisfied. Just mash some avocado onto a piece of wholemeal, seeded or sourdough toast and add a sprinkle of sea salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, or a drizzle of olive oil or chilli flakes are optional.

Fruit smoothie

Smoothies are super fun, filling and so simple to make. Blend in your favourite fruits, veggies, nuts with yoghurt and there you have it, a truly enjoyable affair! Try using summer fruits such as strawberry, raspberry and blueberry or cherries. Top it with healthy chia seeds, and you’ve got yourself a yummy smoothie is a perfect way to ward off those early morning blues.


Sounds quite basic but people certainly love cereal and for good reason! Take, for example, muesli. Let’s talk about it for a second. It’s a perfect summer cereal, hearty and full of goodness and you can embellish it however you want. Muesli is basically a summer version of porridge. Muesli consists of oats, or old fashioned rolled oats, seeds and nuts mixed with milk or yoghurt, and topped with fruit, nuts and whatever else sounds good to you!

French toast

French toast is a tasty meal that lots of people think they will have to give up as an option when they want to eat a  nourishing and healthy meal for breakfast. Whilst traditional french toast can be full of refined sugars and fats. Homemade french toast recipe is made only with natural wholesome ingredients.

Summer fruits parfait

Breakfast really doesn’t get simpler than spooning layers of yoghurt, fruit, and granola into a cup.

Healthy breakfast parfaits only take a couple of minutes to make in the morning. So whether you’re hurrying off to work, or just looking for an effortless summer breakfast to enjoy in your PJ’s, this is an easy win. You can load it up with homemade granola, dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter, fresh or canned fruit – whatever you fancy. These summer fruit parfaits can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge overnight for a grab and go breakfast or lunch. If you’re making them in advance, we’d suggest saving the top layer of granola for sprinkling on just before serving.

Turkish eggs with yoghurt

Turkish Eggs with Yogurt is a perfect summertime alternative to traditional poached eggs & toast. This is a savoury breakfast that’s fresh and tasty in the summertime heat while being filled with good for you protein and fat. Turkish Eggs dish whips up in about 15-minutes and is something which you can easily make on a weekday prior to rushing off to work. You can even shorten the process some by making a big batch of the lemon-garlic yoghurt ahead of time if you meal prep on the weekends. All you need to do is place your poached eggs on top with fresh chilli and lime and enjoy with sliced toast.

Summer breakfast tacos

Breakfast tacos are a fun classic and they are in many ways a seasonal version of comfort food. Basically it involves putting scrambled eggs and any kind of breakfast accompaniment into a small tortilla, think potatoes, peppers, mushroom, chorizo or bacon. Accompany this with any sauces you fancy and top with crumbly feta cheese and fresh coriander is you fancy. This one is certainly best for when you have a bit of time on your hands as it’ll probably take up to 20 minutes or more to do, which still isn’t too long but worth considering.

Summer breakfast (or brunch) salad

If you have never heard of it before – a breakfast salad is the one that will make you a breakfast salad believer. And it’s simple to see why – it has a lot going on in it. You can put in fresh and tasty ingredients such as spinach, juicy blueberries, and creamy smashed avocado all ingredients which make you feel like you’re starting the day off on the right foot, while protein-rich eggs, bacon, and quinoa will keep you going until lunchtime. The temperature makes the whole salad comforting, and it works well with the mix of the greens and enhances the sweetness of the berries.

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