Spice Up Your Cocktails With Unconventional Mixers

Is your restaurant or cafe hosting a party and wants to impress guests with a signature unique cocktail? Or just fancy trying something new to put on the menu? Sometimes customers can reach their limit with the number of pornstar martinis they can drink. So try mixing it up and providing a unique alternative with a bunch of unconventional mixers!

While the alcohol is key to a cocktail, it’s often the mixers that carry a lot of the flavour, so try out these cocktails for a new spin on happy hour.

Grapefruit Juice

When you think of putting juice in a cocktail, orange, pineapple, apple and cranberry are probably the four that come to mind. But why not try something a bit different and opt for a grapefruit based cocktail? It adds a sweet flavour and will imbue your drink with a beautiful pink colour.

A Paloma is probably the most classic of a grapefruit cocktail. It’s a Mexican tequila-based cocktail that is often prepared by mixing tequila, lime juice and grapefruit juice/soda. Add a salted rim for the perfect sour to go along with the sweet from the Paloma.


Yes I know, I have just suggested putting yoghurt in a cocktail. You put coconut milk in them, so what’s wrong with yoghurt? Yoghurt is creamy and tangy and packed with probiotics, making it healthy and a perfect thing to mix in for an unforgettable cocktail.

Try a Mimosa Smoothie by blending equal parts vanilla yoghurt, orange juice and champagne. It’s a twist on a classic that will quench thirst and cool customers down on a hot day. It’s the perfect accompaniment to beer garden weather when the sun is beating down hard. It’s also a great option to put on a bottomless brunch menu.


I bet you’re ready to shut this article down in disgrace. First yoghurt, now butter? But adding butter to a cocktail can add new richness and depth to a drink, especially during the cold winter months. So brew up a lovely, warm cocktail to make the cold evenings a lot more enjoyable for your customers.

Hot Buttered Rum is an irresistible winter cocktail that is simple to make but packs big flavours. You can add a variety of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to add a fun flavour to the drink. It just needs a tablespoon of butter to add that rich depth.


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