Whether you’re a chef by trade or you simply enjoy cooking up sumptuous treats at home, testing out new recipes is all part of perfecting your culinary skills. Adding new dishes to your repertoire is always a satisfying feeling and, even if your experiment doesn’t go as you’d hoped, it’s a learning curve that will likely benefit you in your next attempt.

From whipping up delectable cakes and pastries to creating tasty canapes and other savoury snacks, every chef has their forte and, whatever style of cooking takes your fancy, there’s nothing like a fresh challenge to reaffirm your passion.

Milk is a staple ingredient many of us have in our fridges at all times and it can feature heavily in many recipes. When considering the many benefits of switching to organic milk, it’s no surprise that many individuals and businesses are now making this lifestyle change, and, with so many wholesale milk suppliers offering this product, it’s now easier than ever.

So, to add a few more strings to your bow, we’ve compiled a list of recipes for sweet treats and savoury snacks that use organic whole milk for you to try your hand at.

Mini pumpkin pies

Whether you’re preparing a feast for Thanksgiving or you simply want to make some bite-sized snacks to accompany a cup of tea, mini pumpkin pies are bound to impress your guests. These can either be served after dinner for dessert or at tea time if you fancy something sweet in the afternoon. Another great thing about them is they can either be easy to rustle up or more of a challenge for those wanting to test themselves.

If you’re an accomplished chef, you may want to prepare your own pie dough, however, if you’re happy to cut a few corners to save time, this can be store bought. Also, many people prefer to whip their own cream, but if you’d rather rely on pre-whipped cream to create the perfect shape, this can also be purchased at a local supermarket. So, whether you’re looking to test your cooking abilities or you’re after a fun, relaxed activity that the kids can join in on, baking mini pumpkin pies can appeal to both preferences.

Whereas many recipes promote the use of canned evaporated milk to create these pies, this can easily be substituted for tasty organic milk. The only advantage that evaporated milk has over whole milk is that it has a greater shelf life, however, if you have a working fridge, there’s no reason why organic milk can’t be used in its place. So what are you waiting for? With some milk, cream, eggs, pie dough, pumpkin puree and a few other bits and pieces, you can create a pudding that stands out from the crowd just in time for Thanksgiving festivities!

Pistachio ice cream

This is the perfect treat in both summer and winter and, when you’ve made it yourself, there’s nothing more satisfying than settling down to a bowl of tasty ice cream. Pistachio ice cream is known for being distinctly green in colour and having a highly unique taste. Whilst it can be used as an accompaniment to a variety of different desserts, it can also be served by itself as the main attraction.

This is the perfect recipe to attempt if you’re up for a challenge as the process of creating ice cream is known for being somewhat sensitive. In order to achieve the perfect texture and consistency, the ingredients must be measured and prepared to exact specifications as one foot wrong could have disastrous consequences.

Whilst you can use more or less any kind of milk to create ice cream, it’s often recommended to choose whole milk to achieve that creamy taste and texture. So, when you head to the supermarket next, be sure to pick up pistachios, sugar, eggs, cream, almond extract and of course, some organic whole milk to create a smooth and tasty pistachio ice cream.

Tiramisu cupcakes

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are looking to take your baking abilities to new heights, this is a challenge not to be overlooked. It has to be said that the process of making tiramisu cupcakes has a fair few steps, but stick it out and you’ll be rewarded with sumptuous sweet treats that are light as a feather.

Not only do these little cakes taste delightful, but they also look adorable and would be perfect for an afternoon tea party or to sell at a bake sale. You can challenge yourself by preparing these cakes solo or alternatively, you could have different people in charge of different parts of the creation. For example, while you’re creating the cupcakes, there could be someone else on coffee soaking syrup duty and meanwhile, another happy helper could be rustling up the frosting. Not only will this save time, but it also makes for a fun afternoon activity you can enjoy with friends or family.

From flour and coffee powder to organic whole milk and mascarpone cheese (for the frosting), there are a fair few bits and bobs you’ll need to pick up to create tiramisu cupcakes. However, if you get the recipe just right, you can guarantee your cakes will be the one to beat in your office’s upcoming ‘Bake Off’ competition.

Milk and passion fruit ice lollies

On a day when the sun is shining and temperatures are soaring, there’s nothing like a refreshing ice lolly to cool you down. This is a treat that’s enjoyable for all the family, plus, they’re extremely easy to make. All you need is some organic whole milk, some caster sugar, vanilla extract and some passion fruit pulp and you’ll be one step closer to creating your very own ice lollies.

Whilst there is not much specific scientific evidence to suggest that organic milk is healthier or safer to drink, one thing is for certain: organic milk is produced using humane farming methods. So, if you’re looking to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, making the switch to organic milk is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Whether you’re an accomplished chef or a novice, this recipe is undoubtedly worth trying, simply because it’s so easy to do as well as being super tasty. So, before the summer is out, try your hand at making some delicious milk and passion fruit ice lollies and give your kids an after dinner treat they’ll love.

Mini spinach frittatas

If you’re more of a savoury than a sweet person, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you. Whether you’re having friends over for brunch or you need something to take to work for lunch, mini spinach frittatas are bite-sized chunks of heaven that you can rustle up in no time.

All you need is eggs, organic whole milk, spinach, parmesan and some seasoning, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a sumptuous savoury treat. One of the best things about this recipe is that, once you’re confident in it, you can begin experimenting by adding different ingredients. Perhaps you’d like to introduce peppers and onions for extra flavour, or maybe you want to try using a different cheese. Whatever delights your taste buds, you can test out a few different ideas so that you end up with the perfect frittata recipe for you.

These are snacks that are relatively straightforward to create, and they look very impressive when created using a muffin tin. So, for some fun-sized savoury treats that are bound to be a hit at brunch, try your hand at creating some deliciously tasty mini spinach frittatas.

Banana oat muffins

If you’re looking for a cake recipe that’s both delicious and healthy, we’ve got the answer: banana oat muffins. Moist, light and bursting with flavour, banana oat muffins can be enjoyed at breakfast, as a teatime treat or as a post-dinner snack- the choice is yours.

With a few crucial ingredients and a muffin tin, these are cakes that can be baked with relative ease, and once you’ve made a batch, any leftovers can be frozen and saved for a rainy day. Aside from bananas, eggs and oats, another key ingredient in banana oat muffins is of course, milk. Whilst you could use more or less any type of milk to bring this recipe to life, the fat in whole milk makes baked goods extra moist and with this in mind, it’s the perfect milk for creating the perfect muffins.

So, for a sweet treat that’s both tasty and ethical, we’d advise purchasing organic whole milk to create banana oat muffins that are light, fluffy and unbelievably healthy.

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